Welcome to IAShub, a community center for developing and sharing knowledge and tools for accessible science.

This page is to guide you through the main features of the hub so you can use the IAShub to its fullest.

Here are several tips to get you started.

1. Become a member of the IAS hub - it's free! Although many of the links are open to everyone, some are restricted only to members. Click on Members on the left-hand side to begin registration.

2. Browse the Resources and Collections on the left-hand side. Resources not only help you discover answers to questions you may have, but also may inspire you in new directions as well. There are multiple types of resources ranging from documents, seminar series, simulations, etc… Collections include Useful Links, news articles, role model video series, IAS SURF participant online journals, and other information grouped by topic. Coming soon - an online catalog of STEM-related AT including CAD drawings of devices that can be 3-D printed.

3. Contribute to new or ongoing Discussion topics, Wikis, and Blogs. Your interests are likely shared by others and will help stimulate our community to share helpful information. Feel free to ask questions or try to provide answers or comments. And, of course, you can create a new topic, too.


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