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  1. Tips on Planned Handling of Fact-Finding Paper Essay Assignments

    30 Oct 2019 | Contributor(s): Robert Terrell

    Fact-finding script expos‚ is a very regular homework for the benefit of students of all subjects and on the brink of all levels. The predicament of the assignments will guard increasing as you break higher up in your education level. Hence, it is important to design a method by which you...

  2. VPN Deals for Halloween 2019 – Save Big this Season

    30 Oct 2019 | Contributor(s): Mary Hall

    It’s the final days of October, and that means that it’s time for tick and treat. Halloween is here and festivities are in the air. In light of that, we have picked up an amazing Halloween deal for you.Although Black Friday holds the most significant appeal for retailers to when...

  3. Four Industries That Need KYC Solution

    23 Sep 2019 | Contributor(s): Anna Marks

    In the age of internet and digital media, businesses need to implement KYC solutions to prevent fraud and non-compliance penalties. Collecting and verifying unique identity information from customers is a proactive method to fight online frauds. Identity verifications are performed in real-time...

  4. How to Connect Soundbar to Your TV without Optical Cable

    16 Sep 2019 | Contributor(s): Sean Williamson

    There is no question smart technology has made our lives easier. Thanks to IoT and smart devices that are available in the market today such as our smartphones, smart TVs, voice activated personal assistants, home appliances, self-driven cars, etc., it’s ever easier to connect multiple...

  5. Is Buying a Used Tech Device Worth it?

    11 Sep 2019 | Contributor(s): Sean Williamson

    Technology isn’t cheap and you have to dig deep into your pockets to get the latest one. Techies love new gadgets but they can be really costly. New generation phones cost more than $1,000 and a good laptop and printer could set you back a few hundred bucks.So should you or should you...

  6. 5 Ways Start-ups Can Earn Customer Trust on Social Media

    07 Sep 2019 | Contributor(s): Saurabh Sharma

    Trust is the most crucial building block of any business. The correlation between business owners and their correspondence, such as stakeholders, clients, employees becomes stronger if the environment is filled with trust and ethical values. Just as love cannot be bought with money, faith is also...

  7. Using R to Create Interactive Data Maps

    30 Oct 2018 | Contributor(s): Ann Bessenbacher

    AEA 2018 Presentation

  8. STEM as a tool for socio-economic transformation of a nation (case study: Nigeria)

    27 Dec 2016 | Contributor(s): Moses Oladipupo Olayemi

    Today, developed countries prioritize the STEM competency of their citizens as a dire need. It is not simply because science and technology have been the drivers of their economic growth, neither is it simply because the number of billionaires in the world today, which has doubled over the past...

  9. SLED Perspectives Spring 2016

    04 May 2016 | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman

    This is the SLED Perspectives newsletter for spring 2016.

  10. Undergraduate Research At Purdue - an Opportunity

    29 Jan 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): Wilella Burgess

    Undergraduate Research at Purdue – an Opportunity is a white paper developed by the DLRC in Spring 2015 to describe the current URE landscape at Purdue and the need for a campus-wide online intern application system.

  11. Purdue Undergraduate Research Experiences PowerPoint Slides

    29 Jan 2016 | Publications | Contributor(s): Loran Carleton Parker

    The PowerPoint slides presented at the Purdue Undergraduate Research Experience Community of Practice Kickoff Meeting January 25, 2016.    The Meeting Objectives of this meeting included: Build a better understanding of URE landscape at PurdueExplore the value of a community...

  12. Tobii Accuracy and Precision Test Method for Remote Eye Trackers

    15 Dec 2015 | Publications | Contributor(s): Tobii Technology

    This document describes a test method for the measurement of accuracy and precision of remote eye trackers. The methodis extensive as it takes a variety of likely user scenarios into consideration. The test conditions include ideal measurementconditions, large gaze angles, different illumination...

  13. SLED Perspectives Fall 2015

    07 Dec 2015 | Publications | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman

    This is the SLED Perspectives newsletter for Fall 2015.

  14. SLED Perspectives Newsletter Spring 2015

    05 May 2015 | Publications | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman

    This is the SLED Perspectives Newsletter for spring 2015.

  15. STEMEdhub: Supporting STEM Education Initiatives via the H U Bzero Platform

    07 Apr 2015 | Publications | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman, Peg A Ertmer, Ann Bessenbacher

    Built as one of 60+ hubs on the HUBzero platform, STEMEdhub was developed in 2011 as a resource for research, education, and collaboration in STEM education. The hub currently supports 82 different groups. In this article, the authors describe two specific groups (SLED and AAU) that are taking...

  16. Make better holiday plans for 2015

    31 Mar 2015 | Publications | Contributor(s): Ronnie Smith

    Millions of people over the world go on holiday every year, all with different requirements for their perfect holiday. From city breaks to beach holidays tourists travel to various destinations around the world to have a new experience, whether it is to gain knowledge o f a culture, explore...

  17. SLED Perspectives Newsletter Fall 2014

    16 Dec 2014 | Publications | Contributor(s): James Daniel Lehman

    This is the SLED Perspectives Newsletter for Fall 2014.

  18. Understanding Qualitative Research Workshop - FIE Session W3A

    07 Oct 2014 | Publications

    FIE Workshop W3A

  19. RREE2 Fundamentals of Qualitative Research

    07 Oct 2014 | Publications | Contributor(s): Ruth A Streveler

    Fundamentals of Qualitative Research

  20. Qualitative Research Basics: A Guide for Engineering Educators

    07 Oct 2014 | Publications

    It is our intention in this manual to provide an overview of the use of qualitative research methods in the engineering education context. Our assumption is that users of this guide will be fairly new to qualitative approaches—and perhaps new to educational research in general. We have tried,...