A quick and easy way to share, favorite, and organize information on a hub.


A post starts with an image, link, or file you want to share. You can add a post by collecting content on the site or upload a file right from your computer. Any post can be reposted, and all posts link back to their source.


A collection is where you organize your posts by topic. You could collect resources for creating an introduction to Nanotechnology, for example. Collections can be secret or public, and you can even put a collection inside another collection!


When you follow someone, their posts show up in your live feed. You can follow all of someone's collections or just the ones you like best. To manage who you're following, go to your profile, find Collections, and click Following.


When you unfollow someone, their collections won't show up in your live feed anymore. You can unfollow all of someone's collections, or just the ones you're not that interested in.

Live Feed

Your live feed is a collection of posts from collectors and collections you follow. It's updated every time someone you follow adds a post.