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GISDay 2017 Purdue College Program

BECAUSE the science of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) connects people, regions, and systems;
BECAUSE geography is a common language that strengthens decision-making for governments, communities, NGOs, and businesses all over the world;
BECAUSE promoting GIS education provides grassroots opportunities for people to create positive change at the local and global scale;
BECAUSE GIS plays a crucial role in managing and preserving our natural resources;
BECAUSE GIS helps people collaborate and share knowledge so the systems we rely on work each day;
BECAUSE having a dedicated day of GIS activities for students, citizens, and government leaders demonstrates the benefits of GIS in a unique and concentrated way

American Evaluation Association National Conference

November 6-11, 2017

During Evaluation 2017, we will explore four ways that our community can learn from evaluation to create better practices and outcomes. Evaluation is dependent on learning from each other and putting theory into action. Each learning opportunity presents unique challenges and together, as a community, I would like to answer the questions that will allow us to move beyond these challenges to find solutions to improve our programs and create greater good for society as a whole. 

National Association for Research in Science Teaching

March 10-13, 2018

Annual Conference Theme: Re-Centering on Scientific Literacy in an Era of Science Mistrust and Misunderstanding
Atlanta, GA
The Call for Proposals will be announced early-June 2017
Proposals will be due August 15, 2017.

AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative released five-year report

October 2017

AAU has released a five-year status report highlighting institutional progress toward improving the quality of undergraduate STEM teaching and learning. Progress Toward Achieving Systemic Change provides detailed description and analysis of STEM education reforms at each of the eight seed-funded AAU STEM project sites. Additionally, the report highlights several innovative STEM education reform efforts at AAU STEM Network institutions. Inside Higher Ed profiled the report and the Initiative's impact.

Science Gateways Community Institute

October 23-25, 2017

Science Gateways serve as connection points, assembling various components of advanced cyberinfrastructure—data collections, instruments, supercomputers, clouds, collaboration capabilities, and analytical tools—behind streamlined, user-friendly interfaces. They are typically a community-developed web portal or a suite of desktop applications. By providing access to top-tier resources, gateways enable researchers with a common goal as well as students and members of the broader community.

IEA (Indiana Evaluation Association) Conference

October 20, 2017

Can you make evaluation accessible? IEA seeks proposals from a diverse group of presenters to be a part of IEA’s October 20, 2017 conference, Accessible Evaluation. The accessibility of evaluation can take multiple forms, from how evaluation methodology and data collection approaches are designed; to communication and dissemination approaches; to how evaluation incorporates social justice, race, and class; to visual data representation. RFP due June 30, 2017.