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  1. Teacher Reflection: Jennifer Suskovich, Solar Tracker Prototype Activity, Winter 2017

    07 Dec 2017 | Teacher Reflections

    Students worked collaboratively in my four science classes to build small solar tracker prototypes.

  2. Teacher Reflection: Vance, Roller Coaster, Spring 2016

    22 May 2016 | Teacher Reflections

    6.1 Physical Science - energy unit - this task shows the relationship between kinetic and potential energy as well as transformation of energy.

  3. Jon-David Wade-Swift, Roller Coaster, Spring 2016

    19 May 2016 | Teacher Reflections

    This unit is using real world principles in constructing a roller coaster to apply potential or kinetic energy to power a model of a roller coaster.  Students will construct, test, and re-design a model of a roller coaster that uses PE and KE to function. They will also, identify PE...

  4. Teacher reflection: Kauffman. Roller coaster, Spring 2016

    18 Apr 2016 | Teacher Reflections

    This my reflection of the roller coaster activity for the spring of 2016.

  5. Teacher Reflection: O'Shaughnessey, Roller Coaster, Spring 2016

    28 Mar 2016 | Teacher Reflections

    Roller Coaster Design Task

  6. Teacher Reflection: Vance, Solar Tracker, Fall 2015

    10 Dec 2015 | Teacher Reflections

    Attached is the reflection from our Solar Tracker Design Task. Heidi Vance

  7. Teacher Reflection: Elizabeth Hittle, Reindeer Habitat, Fall 2015

    07 Dec 2015 | Teacher Reflections

    I integrated Language Arts into the unit. We read two different books that gave the students background knowledge on reindeer. Students then selected a different animal and did a comparative essay between their animal and the reindeer.

  8. Teacher Reflection: O'Shaughnessey, Solar Tracker, Fall 2015

    18 Nov 2015 | Teacher Reflections

    Reflection of the Solar Tracker Design task done in October of 2015

  9. Teacher Reflection: Chris Mathias, Roller Coaster, Spring 2013

    22 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    Students learn about the transformation of gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy.

  10. Teacher Reflection:Easton, Reindeer Habitat Spring 2013

    21 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    The Reindeer Habitat Design Lesson Plan was supplemented with students recording information about reindeer on a "foldable" cube. Cube pattern and pictures are available. Lesson plan suggestions for next year, especially for special education students, included.

  11. Peggy Gruver, Roller Coaster, Spring 2013

    20 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

  12. Teacher Reflection: ONeal, Solar Tracker, Spring 2013

    15 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    Reflection of Solar Tracker in 6th grade classroom.

  13. Roller Coaster

    15 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    Students designed and constructed a roller coaster prototype.

  14. Teacher Reflection: Vance, Solar Tracker, Spring 2013

    13 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    This tasks allows students to create a solar tracker that is designed to "track" the sun during the day and throughout the year.

  15. Teacher Reflection: Stone, Reindeer Habitat, Spring 2013

    07 May 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    This reflection is about the reindeer habitat design activity. I completed this activity with my 90 sixth graders just before ISTEP to help them review formulas.

  16. Teacher Reflection: O'Shaughnessey, Roller Coaster, Spring 2013

    29 Apr 2013 | Teacher Reflections

    6th Grade Roller Coaster Design Activity

  17. Solar Tracker

    11 Feb 2013 | Teacher Reflections

  18. Teacher Reflection: Eric Knebel, Sun Tracking System For a Solar Panel, Fall 2012

    18 Dec 2012 | Teacher Reflections

    In this design activity I introduce the math concepts for the activity Sun Tracking System for a Solar Panel.

  19. Careful Carrier

    17 Dec 2012 | Teacher Reflections

    The students designed a environmental friendly carrier that had to hold six filled water bottles for one minute without breaking.

  20. Teacher Reflection: Heidi Vance, Roller Coaster, Fall 2012

    17 Dec 2012 | Teacher Reflections

    This is a summary of what my students did for the roller coaster design task.