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  1. Art and Craft activities for children

    02 Feb 2024 | Contributor(s): Yeney Sanchez

    Encourage your KS1 children's imagination, self-expression and understanding of colour with our art activities and teaching materials. We have a wide range of art lesson worksheets and resources covering colour theory, techniques and inspiration for painting, drawing and sculpture, as...

  2. Old Roll Mod Apk

    15 Jan 2024 | Contributor(s): Andrew Tate

    the best camera app for your photography skills to reach to limits you would never know.

  3. How to Start Your Python Career

    27 Oct 2023 | Contributor(s): GAURI BHANDARI

     Although Python is an easy-to-learn language, it requires a precisely structured plan to make a successful Python career. Let’s talk about some tips and advice that will help expedite your literacy process. 1. Learn Python BasicsTo make a career in Python, you...

  4. Local SEO For Lawyers

    13 Oct 2023 | Contributor(s): Neha Jadhav

    This blog provides a comprehensive guide on the importance of local SEO for lawyers, emphasizing the crucial role it plays in enhancing a law firm's online visibility and connecting with potential clients within their immediate geographic region. It outlines the key factors that influence...

  5. vidalista 60mg

    07 Aug 2023 | Contributor(s): Grace Lue, gracelue

    Before starting Vidalista 60mg or any ED treatment, it is essential to consult a doctor to ensure it is safe and suitable for individual use. They can help determine the appropriate dosage and provide personalized advice for the best possible outcome. With proper use and medical supervision,...

  6. Radiologist Email List: Tips and Strategies for Growing Your Email List

    05 May 2023 | Contributor(s): lawra nick, lawranick

    Are you looking to grow your Radiologist Email List? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss tips and strategies to help you grow your Radiologist Email List. From creating targeted campaigns to building relationships with potential customers,...

  7. Parts of a Plant and Flower Labelling Worksheets

    22 Aug 2022

    These wonderful Parts of a Plant and Flower Labelling Worksheets are ideal for teaching primary children about plant life cycles in your science classes. The resource features two sets of worksheets and answer sheets. Learners are asked to label the different parts of the plant and flower diagram...

  8. Fred The Frog STEM PowerPoint

    22 Aug 2022

    Use this resource to explore density and floating and sinking, while allowing students the opportunity to problem solve to help move Fred the Frog from one side of a river to another.

  9. Free Australia Year 3-6 STEM Taster Resource Pack

    22 Aug 2022

    Want to know more about Twinkl's resources and what Twinkl has to offer primary teachers? This FREE taster pack is a great opportunity to try our fantastic resources for yourself. This Free Australia Year 3-6 STEM Taster Resource Pack offers an assortment of activities,...

  10. Drama Games Teaching Ideas

    19 Aug 2022 | Contributor(s): Olivia Huson

  11. What to do if your kindle won't connect to wifi?

    18 May 2022 | Contributor(s): John Corner

    The very first step you can do is restart your router by disconnecting all cables housing it. but if the problem still persists then check your wifi router configuration to whether it is set to deliver a 2.1GHz frequency signal or not if not then contact your internet service provider but if it...

  12. Cable Tray

    26 Mar 2022 | Contributor(s): Bashir Ahmad Bashir Ahmad Bashir Ahmad

    Cable Tray: Cable tray is a hanging structure which is fabricated in different metals to fix all types of cables wiring/control cables in industry. It is the mechanical solution for hanging & laying the cables and provides protection against all environmental effects and technical...

  13. Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

    30 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s): Guy Carpentier

    A really useful worksheet for 11 to 14 year old physics students to teach the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces.

  14. Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)

    30 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s): RedTeam Hacker Academy

    Devised in vision to bridge the security skill gap across industries, RedTeam Academy offers implementation-based certification and training programs in Cybersecurity, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain.

  15. Types of Time-lapse Videos Available With OpticVyu Construction Cameras

    27 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s): OpticVyu Construction Cameras

    Time-lapse video is a fast movie showing months & years of project progress in a few minutes. Time-lapse is the best way to witness the construction project progress & is widely used for creating project marketing videos. OpticVyu makes it easy to create different types of time-lapse...

  16. Geometry Resources

    27 Jul 2021 | Contributor(s): Ron Kokomo

    This section of STEM activities covers geometrical knowledge, including 2D shapes, 3D shapes, position, direction, movement and coordinates.

  17. Air-powered rocket

    30 Jun 2021 | Contributor(s): Raphael Comtois

    A great activity where you learn how to make an air-powered rocket from a water bottle.

  18. Teaching Coordinates

    30 Jun 2021 | Contributor(s): Guy Carpentier

    A pirate map suitable for children of about 7-11 years old. A great resource to help teach coordinates.

  19. The Sun, Moon and Earth

    29 Apr 2021 | Contributor(s): Raphael Comtois

    A fantastic resource for KS2 children (aged 7-11) to help grasp the scale of the sun, moon and Earth. Perfect for starting a discussion in your science class! 

  20. Sustainability PowerPoint (Teacher Made)

    31 Mar 2021 | Contributor(s): Conny Fedlt

    A straight-forward way to teach kids about sustainability.Sustainability is a complex issue, and it is important for all of us to understand what it is. If you are struggling to come up with a definition of sustainability that your kids will be able to grasp, this Sustainability PowerPoint...