Cable Tray

By Bashir Ahmad Bashir Ahmad Bashir Ahmad

Notre Dame University

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Cable Tray:

Cable tray is a hanging structure which is fabricated in different metals to fix all types of cables wiring/control cables in industry. It is the mechanical solution for hanging & laying the cables and provides protection against all environmental effects and technical contingencies.


Classification, Design and accessories of Cable Tray:

Cable tray can be fabricated and design according to industrial usage and plant specifications.

 it could be in following types;

Ladder Cable tray:

A stair type ladder tray consists of Rungs which is joint by two sheet walls. It has relevantly less weight.

 Perforated Cable tray:

Design, bend and fabricated a one piece of material and perforated by punches. It has high weight as compared to Ladder cable Tray.

Other types of cable tray are duct and cable tray Mesh type.

Cable tray is fabricated by difference types of material like, SS Steel,  Aluminium, MS Steel and HR Steel. The choice and selection of material solely depend on characteristics of environment and atmosphere of installed area.

Cable tray is coated by Hot Dip Galvanized or powder coated procedure to protect against rust and other environment effect. Cable tray as a set consists of different accessories like Joint plates, Nut Bolts, Bends, Tee, Risers, Vertical and horizontal bends, Cable tray supports, Rods and brackets. These accessories are helpful in complete installation of cable tray.

Industrial Usage of Cable Tray:

The basic purpose of cable tray is to protect electrical cables such as mechanical protection, ventilation and separation of electrical cable wiring system from other utilities and property & plant fixtures, laying and distribution of cables in premises, factory or plants. It is designed by viewing the installed area environment and temperature. Technically speaking it is also used as a separator between different voltage level to protect the interferences for control and power cables.

Precautions and instruction in Manufacturing and installation process:

Cable tray installation is the important segment of Electrical installation. So expert manufacturing team must visit site before start making cable tray to ensure that the design and specification; The material used in fabrication is according to site atmosphere, material gauge strength is so enough that carry the weight of cables laying. Whether Hot dipped galvanized and powder coating process is necessary for cable tray to protect against rusted conditions.

There must be extra care in making and installing cable tray that there are no sharp edges and cuts. These can be harmful for cable laying. Proper and accurate perforation of cable tray is helpful to absorb heating effect and give ventilation to cable. All accessories like joint plates, riser radius, earth jumpers, and cantilever should be installed in a way that it strengthens the cable tray structure to carry the weight of cables. In order to secure the installation cable tray structure must be grounded from both ends.


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