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    University / College Faculty

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    address1:Yarmouk University
    region:Jordan 962

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    Dr.AlSobeh is the Director of refugees, Displaced Persons and the Forced Migration Studies Center and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at Yarmouk University (YU). He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Utah State University (USA). His interests include Social Engineering, Web Application Development, E-learning Platforms, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing. Furthermore, his research interest focuses on the Jordanian society-related problems including refugees through eco- and social- systems, i.e., Health Systems, Online Course Design, Social Security, E-commerce, Social Integration, etc.

    He has many scientific publications and has been awarded several European and International research and capacity development grants for refugees:
    ▪ Neurodevel op mental CAre for Refugees NeuCARE European Union, Erasmus+ programme.
    ▪ Reshaping Attention and Inclusion Strategies for Distinctively Vulnerable People Among the forcibly Displaced RAISD European Union, Horizon 2020.
    ▪ Psychosocial Support and Trauma work in Jordan/Certified Advanced Training on Community Based Psychosocial Support in the Context of Forced migration Deutsche Gesellschaft for International eZusammenarbeit GIZ GmbH.
    ▪ Toward Innovative Design an Interactive, Secure, Learning and Research YU Cloud Environment [YUCloud].
    ▪ Design of Smart Water Distribution System Based on Cloud Computing and Internet of Things [SWDS].
    ▪ Providing Fundamental ICT Skills for Syrian Refugees [PFISR] European Union, HOPES MADAD.
    ▪ Transferring E-Commerce Fundamentals for Syria n Refugees [TEFSR]. European Union, HOPES MADAD.