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  1. Ujjal Tiwari

    My academics reflect agricultural economics (PhD), climate change, and rural development as the major fields of studies. I am working as Assistant Professor (Agricultural Economics) at Agriculture...


  2. Charles Nsubuga

    Innovated the Soymilk Solution to manage the bean smell and balance the milk for easy consuption. Innovated the first Soy Icecream in Uganda and probably in the whole of East Africa. Developed a...


  3. Rishi Ram Kattel

    Value chain and supply chain diagnostic on high value commodities and crop seeds, participatory market system development (PMSD) and is familiar with a range of research and analysis methods,...


  4. Roman Stephan Ponos

    Built and managed the international division of a research, data analytics and evaluation firm. Built and mentored a multidisciplinary, cross-functional team of researchers, analysts and project...


  5. Paul Rex Danquah

    Impact evaluation USAID WA Wash in three african countries (Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso) in 2015


  6. Nicholas Mugabi

    Microfinance and finance inclusion, ICT4D, agriculture extension and monitoring and Evaluation of development pograms


  7. Mohan Prasad Sharma

    In our village there are many conflict on developmental work, farming animal, share on natural resources ex forest, water, land on that I formed groups and solve such problems.


  8. Michael Chasukwa

    Doing qualitative and quantitative evaluations


  9. Matthew Guttentag

    Assessing impact of entrepreneurship support programs


  10. Martha Cruz Zuniga

    Evaluation expertise on design and implementation of data collection instruments: in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, experiments; RCTs, control and treatment groups. Statistical analysis...


  11. John Kebaso Omurwa

    As I researcher and academician I have been involved in carrying out research including writing of research proposals, data collection. data analysis and report writing. I have been able to analyse...


  12. Ilaria Schnyder Von Wartensee

    I have done qualitative research projects with participant observation, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews in areas of entrepreneurship, agriculture, migration, etc.


  13. Hugo No?-pino

    My professional expertise is on macroeconomics policy (fiscal, monetary) and related to these, employment and competitive matters.


  14. Gilbert Kimutai Arap Bor

    I am interested in agricultural production and marketing research to sustain food security while building the economies of the stallholder farmers in developing countries, especially Africa. I am...


  15. Donald Makoka

    I have been working in development research in Malawi, focusing on building households' and communities' resilience to livelihood shocks. The emphasis of our research has been in the context of...


  16. Asfia Obaid

    I have undertaken projects on the impact of IT on youth, the role of entrepreneurship in Pakistan's economy, female digital entrepreneurs in Pakistan - Antecedents and outcomes and numerous...


  17. Alok R Chaturvedi

    Purdue University's Institute for Social Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Knowledge (ISEEK) aims to empower under-privileged and poverty-stricken young people in the world. It achieves its...


  18. Patricia Akweongo

    governance and transparency in social health protection schemes, health insurance, health worker performance


  19. Anh N Tran


  20. Juan-carlos Munoz-mora

    Big data for rural development, Remote Sensing