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  1. Abiy Menkir Gizaw

    My academic background, work and research experience is best labeled as cross-cutting as it does not fit to only one discipline.


  2. Wayne E Wright

    language and education policy and programs for linguistic minority students; bilingual/multilingual education; English as a second/foreign language; heritage languages; language maintenance and...


  3. Phillip Vanfossen


  4. Valerie Karr

    With expertise in inclusive development, human rights, youth and disability, and a track record of effective rights-based advocacy internationally, Dr. Valerie Karr's research and advocacy focuses...


  5. Tim Weninger

    We are looking at social media manipulation including the ways by which individuals and organizations are using social media systems to corrupt the public discourse. We are also developing...


  6. Tonny J. Oyana

    I have over 24 years of proven professional experience, leadership, and training grounded in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. My areas of research expertise primarily lie in...


  7. Susan Wanjiru Mwangi

    Education for all has been a global call and many of the countries have been having varoius strategies to actualise this , also it is know there is still alot that need to be done especially for...


  8. Rob Segan

    QED has evaluated more than 3.5B in programs in 96 countries. We have conducted more than 250 training programs for 23 clients. Our data hub team has capabilites in statical and quantitative...


  9. Rodolfo Rubio

    Experience in formulating research on governance, local development plans and programmes, peace education, mediation and state decentralization.


  10. Alberto J Rodriguez

    Interested in transdisciplinary education using science as a core subject to integrate other subjects (such as engineering, technology, mathematics, language arts, and social studies)


  11. Peter Ignatius Gichure

    Peace education. Works with Catholic Justice anf peace Commission


  12. Paul Rex Danquah

    Impact evaluation USAID WA Wash in three african countries (Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso) in 2015


  13. Paul Andeka Asunda

    My research and scholarship focus on supporting educators integrate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) practices at the P-16 level specifically, (a) Science, Technology, Engineering,...


  14. David Omolo Odera


  15. Richard Olenchak

    With a background in both psychology and education, my research has and continues to focus on nurturing individual human talents despite mitigating obstacles such as conflicts of either a personal...


  16. Gifty Oforiwaa Gyamera

    My PhD research was in Internationalization of Higher Education and have published extensively in this area. Concerning gender equality, currently, I am engaged in a Project 'Neoliberalism, Gender...


  17. Gordana Kranjac-berisavljevic

    I am working in environment with limited resources and low level of education. poor sanitation and scarcity of water are the norm. We build capacity of poorly resourced especially rural women is...


  18. Kalkidan Hassen Abate

    Disparity, equity, unmet needs, autonomy, gender and related human intrinsic attributes has been the core variables in my research career since 2010. Then after, I studied the influence of such...


  19. Munyanga Mukungo Sylvain

    DRC NORTH KIVU PROVINCE CONFLICTS AND EBOLA VIRUS EPIDEMICS / We want to use a resilience model and come up with innovations in fighting conflicts and the Ebola virus epidemics. We need to research...


  20. Muhavini Cleophas Wawire

    In Education, I am keen to help institutions use technology both for content acquisition and pedagogy. I am also keen to empower children especially girls to acquire technological skills in...