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  1. Alebel Aynalem Derseh

    I have been working as a monitoring and Evaluation and learning officer for more than 4 years for different USAID funded projects five years ago and I have a few experiences in the area.


  2. Giao Quynh Nguyen


  3. Marcela Gutiérrez Ardila

    Science communication, public engagement of science, didactics of science and education in critical thinking of citizens. Chilhood development.


  4. Mirgissa Kaba Serbessa

    I am good in building capacity of researchers in qualitative research methods and mixed method, interdisciplinary research


  5. Stacie Gobin


  6. Thang Quoc Le

    I am Vice director of UEF International Institute. We recruit students and organize the class for them. The areas we are training are business administration, marketing, hospitality, linguistics...


  7. Thanh Dan Ly

    Research expertise: Fields related to Business Administration, Brand Management and Human Resource Management


  8. Adugna Abdi Woldesemayat

    Bioinformatics and high throughput genomics broadly contribute to our understanding of hurdles and to the development of knowledge and data management and manipulation in fields like environmental...


  9. Van Tai Tang

    Dr Van Tai Tang is lecturer of Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Currently he is actively engaged in research related to bioremediation,...


  10. Anh Thi Pham

    My research focus on the environmental problems system analysis, sustainable development and public participation on the infrastructure project and environment and


  11. Kinh Thi Kieu


  12. Hanh Minh Thai

    I am a lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology with more than 15 years experience. I have experience on doing research in corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and...


  13. Anahel Maria Hernandez Valega

    Currently I work as Research and Development Coordinator, in charge of the processes of follow-up, monitoring and evaluation, at the same time that I answer for the reports of statistical and...


  14. Diep Nguyen

    My job title has given me experience in being a leader of a number of different teams. While employed as a team leader at Accounting and Finance Faculty , LacHong University, I have demonstrated my...


  15. Edbertha A. Azinah


  16. Janet Mwangata


  17. Milena Hernandez


  18. Brenda Atieno Oneya


  19. Sunila Rai

    I have been teaching and doing research in aquaculture and fisheries for last 19 years. I have been teaching to undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students and have also been supervising master and...


  20. Why is Art Important

    05 May 2020 | Posted by Akash Sharma

    There is no clear and unambiguous solution to the question, “Why is actually art essential to society?”, due to the fact, there is no obvious definition of the term ‘Art’....