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  1. Belay Tefera Kibret

    National assessment of youth personality development centers, national assessment of the implmentation of Ethiopian youth policy, program implementation in Ethiopia: Model of assessment of...


  2. Faith Nanyonjo


  3. Amamaw Endalew Ejigu

    Child protection expert, Project M & E Expert and Director


  4. Teach English to Non-English Speakers: Early Years Children as a test case

    06 Jan 2021 | Contributor(s):: Samira Zain

    Teaching English as a Second Language is a worthy endeavor, but it is not for everyone. If you're thinking of entering the field, you should make sure that it's a good fit for your academic and professional needs.Unlike lots of languages, English has uppercase and lowercase...

  5. Mulugeta Negeri Tulu


  6. Adinew Tadesse Degago

    Researcher, Director, Dean of Social Science and Humanities


  7. Tamene Kitila

    education, researcher


  8. Amare Desalegn Ayele

    Am working on youth development program as a general manager. Hence the research area which I will be involved is in the civic engagement and leadership.


  9. Adamu Gizachew Chanie


  10. Asmelash Woldemariam Beyene

    I have more than 25 years experience in managing various development projects. My experience include designing project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I have rich experience in working...


  11. Workneh Nigatie Enideg

    My educational background is BA pedagogical sciences, MA in Educational psychology (measurement and evaluation stream), and PhD in Social Work and Social Development. I have been teaching different...


  12. Firew Kefyalew Mekonnen

    I have a M&E experience -setting up systems, training personnel, and using results - working in various programs and also using M&E to make decisions as a leader. Working with state and non-state...


  13. Geremew Teklu Tsigu

    I have conducted my PhD dessertation on business leadership, organization culture and job outcome. I am interested to proceed my career as researchers in these topics.


  14. Amberbir Wondimu Tadesse

    My current research focuses primarily on joining cities with smart transportation for common socio economic development, the one which shows such great run was the recent Ethiopian Addis Ababa...


  15. Efraim Michael Kosia

    I hold Master of Science in Educational Management, Evaluation and Assessment and the PhD in Education Assessment and Evaluation


  16. Maria Vincent

    rly Childhood Education at Kenyatta University in Kenya and taught Montessori teachers in Tanzania. After finishing studies I worked as teacher for 6 years.


  17. Winston Edward Massam

    Dr. Winston Massam is an Assistant Professor in Assessment Measurement and Evaluation in Education. His areas of specialization include classroom assessment and evaluation; Scale development and...


  18. Angela Cardenas


  19. Mary Anyango Oluga

    I have worked with governments and community based organisations (CBOs) based in low resourced communities dealing with disadvantaged and vulnerable primary school children in supporting their...


  20. Jane Rarieya

    My expertise is in the area of teacher development, gender in educational contexts and educational leadership. I teach courses related to these areas and have engaged in a number of research...