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  1. Quang Nguyen Xuan Chau


  2. Do not Make Excuses

    05 Aug 2020 | Posted by Shirley Murphy

    Do you know what is free education exactly is? It is subsidized education, which is provided free for students. You do not have to cover the tuition fees at all. Free...


  3. Ismael Muvingi

    I teach conflict resolution and peace studies and research focusing on transitional justice and decolonization of knowledge. I have experience working in the NGO sector as an advocacy manager (USA)...


  4. Perception of instructors about the necessary procedures to conduct the modalities of adventure sport

    Collections | 31 Jul 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  5. Huong Thanh Nguyen


  6. Sandra Medina

    World Learning is a global NGO with development and exchange programs in more than 100 countries. Through our varied programs in the U.S. and abroad, we work on improving education children in all...


  7. Nguyen Ngoc Anh


  8. Ava Patricia Avila

    I did my PhD on defense and security where I examined how the Philippine armed forces contribute to peace and development and other non-traditional security issues such as disaster response. I...


  9. Mareike Schomerus


  10. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim

    I work on the intersection of religion, identity, deradicalization, gender, counter-extremism.


  11. Whitney Grespin

    I have worked in security sector reform and security force assistance as a Ministerial Advisor in Somalia.


  12. Gary R. Burniske

    I conduct multidisciplinary research in a wide range of topics related to food security in USAID countries globally. I have considerable experience designing, managing and implementing programs in...


  13. Linda Darlene Foreman


  14. Manasi Echaune


  15. Jon Gould

    Monitoring police compliance with reforms; statistical analysis of human rights hot spots


  16. Sabrina Monuza Karim

    Conducting needs assessment, barrier assessments, policy evaluation, indicators, etc.


  17. Kassim Hish


  18. Farah Bashir

    A senior SDRI evaluation expert, with more than eight experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Fields. Mr. Farah has led multiple research projects and played different roles for research...


  19. Mohamed Jimale

    A senior SDRI Researcher, He has vast experience in quantitative and Qualitative data collection and its analysis process. He has an MD and also a Master of Public Health, and MA in Disaster...


  20. Ahmed Khaire Gutale

    By profession, I am a chemical engineer master’s degree. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in education and became a qualified teacher in the United Kingdom. I have worked in an international college...