Concurrent Sessions

Friday morning

SESSION THEMES Institutional Supports and Barriers for Transformation Case Studies in Institutional Transformations in Engineering and Technology Education Strategies AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative Faculty Development for Educational Innovation Understanding Transformation through Assessment
LOCATIONS Jesse Owens Room Pat Summit/John Wooden Room Theodore Roosevelt Room Auditorium Palmer Pierce Ballroom 1 Palmer Pierce Ballroom 2
9:45 A.M. A1: Applying the CACAO Change Facilitation Model to Promote Systemic Transformation B1: Our Big Move in 1,000 Small Steps: A Lesson in Collaboration C1: Sandbox. Learning. Space. D1: The Role of Cultural Change in Large-scale STEM Reform: The Experience of the AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative E1: Faculty Learning Communities: A Model that Fosters Individual, Departmental, and Institutional Impact F1: Evolution of STEM Faculty Perceptions of Concept Map Assessments
  Pat Pyke
R. Eric Landrum
Anthony Marker
Amy Moll
Tony Roark
Susan Shadle
Karen Viskupic
Robert Herrick
Fatma Mili
Jeanne Narum
Shirley Dugdale
Nancy Sturm
Emily Miller
James Fairweather
Katerina V. Thompson Lindsay Owens
Helen Meyer
10:15 A.M. A2: From Grassroots to Institutionalization: RIT's CASTLE B2: T-shaped Support for T-shaped Graduates C2: Balancing Pathfinding Innovation with Institutional Cultural and Constraints for a (Truly) Multidisciplinary Design Initiative D2: Measuring Progress: The Value of Common Data for the AAU STEM E2: Successful Model for Professional Development: Creating and Sustaining Faculty Learning Communities F2: Creating a Coherent STEM Gateway for Teaching and Learning:An AAU STEM Initiative Project
  Scott Franklin Gary Bertoline
Fatma Mili
Brian E. Gilchrist
Karen Batzli
A. Harvey Bell
Gail Hohner
Daniel I. Johnson
Brian Noble
Albert Shih
Max Shtein
James Fairweather
Josh Trapani
Karen Paulson
Ann C. Smith
Gili Marbach-Ad
Ann M. Stevens
Melanie M. Cooper
Marcos D. Caballero
Diane Ebert-May
Cori L. Fata-Hartley
Sarah E. Jardeleza
Joseph S. Krajcik
James T. Laverty
Rebecca L. Matz
Lynmarie A. Posey
Sonia M. Underwood
10:45 A.M. A3: Achieving Large-scale STEM Education Improvement at a Research University B3: Current Directions in Modern Undergraduate Engineering Education C3: Can the Studio/Spiral Model of Technology Training for Theatre Inform Undergraduate STEM Curricula? D3: Creating High Engagement Learning Environments in Large Introductory STEM Courses E3: Culture, Policy and Technology: Barriers Reported by Faculty Implementing Course Reform F3: A Social Constructivist Perspective of Teacher Knowledge: The PCK of Biology Faculty at Large Research Institutions
  Craig Ogilvie
Charles Henderson
Anas Chalah
Fawwaz Habbal
David Hwang
Rich Dionne Kelly A. Hogan Loran C. Parker
Omolola A. Adedokun
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea
Sula Lee
Gabriela Weaver
Kathleen Hill
11:15 A.M. A4: Integration and Transformation: Steps toward Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research at Hunter College B4: A Transformative Initiative: How iFoundry's Heroic Systems Course Reimagines STEM Education for the 21st Century C4: The Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program – Leveraging Faculty Research Interests to Transform Undergraduate STEM Education D4: Developing Departmental Cultures for Evidence-Based Teaching Practices in STEM E4: A Disciplinary Teaching and Learning Center: Applying Pedagogical Content Knowledge to Faculty Development F4: Supporting STEM Education: Reflections of the Central Indiana Talent Expansion Project
  Rachel B. Verni
Annemarie Nichols-Grinenko
Diana E. Sheets Edward J. Coyle
Randal T. Abler
Brian E. Gilchrist
Amos Johnson
James V. Krogmeier
Stephen Marshall
Gail Burd
Deb Tomanek
Gili Marbach-Ad
Laura C. Egan
Katerina V. Thompson
Jeffery X. Watt
Lisa. G. Bunu-Ncube
Charles Feldhaus
Andrew Gavrin
Stephen Hundley
Kathleen Marrs
Howard Mzumara


Friday afternoon

SESSION THEMES Opportunities and Challenges for Institutional Transformation in College Mathematics Faculty Development for Educational Innovation, continued Understanding Transformation through Assessment, continued Institutional Supports and Barriers for Transformation, continued STEM Education Initiatives Case Studies - General
LOCATIONS Jesse Owens Room Pat Summit/John Wooden Room Theodore Roosevelt Room Auditorium Palmer Pierce Ballroom 1 Palmer Pierce Ballroom 2
2:15 P.M. G1: Features Of Successful Calculus Programs At Five Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions H1: One Evidence-Based Educational Innovation at a Time: The Effect of an On-Site, Semester-Long Faculty Development Workshop on Classroom
J1: Closing the Loop! Linking Formative and Summative Assessment to Promote Self-Regulated Learning K1: Planning Transformation of STEM Education in a Research University L1: Building a Model of Change: Outcomes from Eight Years of Educational Transformation at the Science Education Initiative M1: Transforming the Teaching of College Math across an Entire University System
  Chris Rasmussen
Jessica Ellis
Trisha Vickrey
Travis J. Lund
Marilyne Stains
Gwen A. Lawrie Gerry G. Meisels
Jennifer Lewis
Richard Pollenz
Robert L. Potter
Peter Stiling
Kevin Yee
Stephanie Chasteen
Katherine K. Perkins
Carl E. Wieman
Charles Kutal
Kris Biesinger
Myk Garn
2:45 P.M. G2: Characteristics of Successful Programs in College Calculus at Four Two-Year Colleges H2: Promoting the Teaching Identities of New Chemistry Assistant Professors Through a National Workshop Focused on Research-Based Instructional Practices J2: Clickers in the Wild: A Campus-Wide Study of Student Response Systems and their Impact K2: The Role of Social Capital in the Retention of First-Generation Undergraduate Women in STEM L2: Towards a Model of Systemic Change in University STEM Education M2: A Research-Based
Transformation of Purdue’s Calculus-Based Introductory Physics Sequence
  Vilma Mesa Matthew Pilarz
Andrew Feig
Marilyne Stains
Rory Waterman
Jodi Wesemann
Lynn C. Reimer
Tutrang Nguyen
Katerina Schenke
Domina Thurston
Mark Warschauer
Deborah A. Tully Joel C. Corbo
Melissa H. Dancy
Stanley Deetz
Noah Finkelstein
Daniel L. Reinholz
Rebecca Lindell
Andrew Hirsch
3:15 P.M. G3: Supporting Mathematics Instructors' Adoption of Inquiry-Based learning (IBL): Lessons from Professional Development Workshops H3: Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM (TIDES): A Faculty Professional Development Initiative of AAC&U Project Kaleidoscope J3: Social Constructivism in Cyberspace K3: The Importance of Context: Departmental Variations in Factors Influencing Adoption of Educational Innovations L3: Creating Conversations: Engaging Biology Faculty in Transformation of the Gateway Curriculum M3: FIRE: The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience
  Charles Hayward Kelly M. Mack
Kate Winter
Loran C. Parker
Omolola A. Adedokun
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea
Sula Lee
Gabriela Weaver
Loran C. Parker
Omolola A. Adedokun
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea
Sula Lee
Gabriela Weaver
Loran C. Parker
Omolola A. Adedokun
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea
Sula Lee
Gabriela Weaver
Omolola A. Adedokun
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea
Sula Lee
Gabriela Weaver
Omolola A. Adedokun
Zaira R. Arvelo Alicea
Sula Lee
Gabriela Weaver
Kathleen Hill
3:45 P.M. G4: Experiments in Educational Transformation: Departmental contexts and Strategies for Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in College Mathematics H4: Faculty Professional Development as a Mechanism for Cross- Institutional Reform in STEM Teaching and Learning   K4: Measuring Postsecondary Teaching Practices and Departmental Climate: The Development on Two New Surveys   M4: The Gemstone Program: Maximizing STEM Education through Team-Based Interdisciplinary Research
  Sandra Laursen Jude K. Apple
Emily Borda
Ed Geary
  Emily M. Walter
Andrea L. Beach
Charles Henderson
Cody T. Williams
  Kristin C. Skendall
Frank J. Coale
Leah K. Tobin