Concurrent Sessions

Tuesday morning

SESSION THEMES Engineering Education Working Across Institutions Researching Innovation, Part A
LOCATIONS Stewarts Center, Room 311 Stewarts Center, Room 318 Stewarts Center, Room 320
9:45 A.M. A1: The Complexities of Transforming Engineering Higher Education B1: A Multi-Site Implementation of Inquiry-Based Learning in College Mathematics: Classroom Outcomes and Lessons about Reform C1: The Power of Choice: Making Unpopular Courses Better using Empowered Assessment
  Ann McKenna
Jeffrey Froyd
C. Judson King
Thomas Litzinger
Elaine Seymour
Norman Fortenberry
Sandra Laursen Susan Rowland
Ian Wood
10:15 A.M. A2: Connecting the First Year Experience and a Living Learning Program on a Large Scale B2: Changing Practice towards Inquiry-Oriented Learning: What Role(s) Can an External Agent Play? C2: A First Course in Nanoscience
  Carmellia Davis-King
Thomas F. Wolff
Timothy Hinds
Neeraj Buch
Les Kirkup Anna-Leena Latvala
Janne Ihalainen
Anssi Lindell
Jouni Viiri
11:00 A.M. A3: Learning by Design: The EPICS Model of Service-Learning Design Education B3: IUPUI Central Indiana STEM Talent Expansion Program (CI-STEP): A Systematic Approach to Increasing Undergraduate Success in STEM C3: NEXUS: Competency-Based Introductory Undergraduate Science Preparation of Future Health Professionals and Students in the Biological Sciences
  William Oakes
Carla Zoltowski
Kathleen Marrs
Jeff Watt
Mariah Judd
Charlie Feldhaus
Stephen Hundley
Andy Gavrin
Marc Loudon


Tuesday afternoon

SESSION THEMES The Transformation Process Instructional Technology Researching Innovation, Part B
LOCATIONS Stewarts Center, Room 311 Stewarts Center, Room 318 Stewarts Center, Room 320
1:40 P.M. D1: Project Kaleidoscope: Leadership for Implementing Change in Undergraduate STEM Education E1: Online Learning Systems for Science: From Grant-Funded Project to Widespread Commercial Distribution F1: Creating Informed Problem Solvers: A Case Study in Engineering Education
  Susan Elrod
Judith Ditts
Elizabeth McCormack
Lynn Zimmerman
William J. Vining
Lisa Lockwood
David Hart
Michael Fosmire
Senay Purzer
Ruth Wertz
2:25 P.M. D2: Institutional Course Redesign E2: IS-IT: Learning? Challenging Students to Think 'Outside the Box' through Interdisciplinary Contexts for Inquiry in STEM F2: Learning Cycles in Large Chemistry Lectures: Implementation Logistics
  Marne Helgesen
Frank Dooley
Tomalee Doan
Donalee Attardo
Gwen Lawrie
Kelly Matthews
Lawrence Gahan
Peter Adams
Lydia Kavanagh
Gabriela Weaver
Ellen Yezierski
3:10 P.M. D3: University Governance and its Role in Transforming Societies in the Middle East E3: Cyber Peer-Led Team Learning at IUPUI, Purdue, and Florida International University: A Next Generation Learning Challenges Project F3: STEM Strategies in K-15 Education in Colombia
  Adriana Jaramillo Nancy Millichap
Pratibha Varma-Nelson
Maria Figueroa


SESSION THEMES Poster Session    
Herman Miller/South Ballroom
P1: Using Discourse to Enhance Student Understanding of Physical Chemistry
Renee Cole
Marcy Towns
Nicole Becker
P2: Accessible STEM Education for Inclusive Outcomes
Bridget Miller
P3: Integrating Graduate Students and their Research into K-12 Classrooms: From well-funded innovation to affordable implementation
Faith Weeks
Amy Childress
Jon Harbor
Cyndi Lynch
4:15 P.M. P4: Literacy Through Trilingual and Environmental Education
Maria Cristina Buitrago de Mai
P5: A Transmedia Model for Scholarly Publication and Collaboration
Sorin Adam Matei
P6: Exploring the Transformative Nature of Engineering Education Proposals
Ann McKenna
Stephanie Gillespie
Russell Pimmel
  P7: Innovation in Manufacturing Education
Henry Kraebber

Shirl Donaldson
P8: Skatepark Mathematics: Making Algebra and Geometry Relevant for High School Students
William H. Robertson
P9: Purdue University Offers Interdisciplinary Courses in Homeland Security
J. Eric Dietz
Steve Riedel
  P10: Innovations in Pedagogical Approaches to Overcome Barriers to Interdisciplinary Education
P. Suresh C. Rao
Heather E. Gall
Linda S. Lee
Bryan Pijanowski
Demetra Evangelou
P11: Measuring What Students Know: Misconceptions and Concept Inventories in Chemistry
Stacey Lowery Bretz
P12: Novel Research Community at the High School Level
Sophia Gershman
  P13: Hotseat: Student Engagement in the Age of Cell Phones and Social Media
Kyle Bowen
P14: i8: Innovation Through Design of Toys
Karthik Ramani
Elkin Taborda
Senthil Kumaran
P15: Design Frameworks for Innovation in Engineering
Karthik Ramani
Fnu Vinayak