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  1. Abdi Mohammed Hassen

    I am professionally Plant pathologist working on the areas of Mycotoxigenic and mycotoxin health risk assessment, Manchu nutrition.


  2. Abdirisak Ahmed Dalmar

    I have done both operational research and training of leaders in disaster risk reduction and resilience in Somalia


  3. Abebe Beyene Hailu

    My main area of research is water, sanitation and hygiene but I am also working as environmentalist on impact assessment and climate change


  4. Abraham Enock Kalonga


  5. Abura Vincent Omara

    conducted monitoring and reported on Save the Children International and Karamoja Intergrated Development Programme that informed the project activities and facilitated the refinement of the...


  6. Adam D Brown

    I conduct research primarily with individuals who are at high risk for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD following exposure to adversity and trauma. Through collaborations...


  7. Adinew Tadesse Degago

    Researcher, Director, Dean of Social Science and Humanities


  8. Adugna Abdi Woldesemayat

    Bioinformatics and high throughput genomics broadly contribute to our understanding of hurdles and to the development of knowledge and data management and manipulation in fields like environmental...


  9. Afework Aemro Berhanu

    am senior academic research assistant in environmental engineering lab


  10. Agnes Nyabigambo

    I am a Health Services Research Specialist with expertise health economic evaluation, M&E, qualitative and quantitative method and policy development. My current work is mainly project management...


  11. Ahmad M Al-omari

    I use Bioinformatics tools and research for discovering disease and drugs and understanding the systems biology of body and cells with minimum time and money. I develop software using parallel...


  12. Ahmed A Al-hammouri

    Working in plant production and protection in general is so important in sustainable development in LMIC since it is related to production of vegetables and fruits and other nutrition crops which...


  13. Ahmed Mohamed Nabil Helaly

    toxicology parameters may be one of the important factors behind the unique map of diseases in the middle east . further more, the map of diseases in Jordan is different from Egypt. it is suggested...


  14. Aiwerasia Vera Ngowi

    Was a Research scientist in-charge of the toxicology research at the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania and Principal Investigator for Tanzania portion of the East Africa...


  15. Ala' Yehya

    My primary research interests lie in the fields of pharmacogenetics. My recent projects aim to implement pharmacovigilance principles and public awareness in cases of transmissible infectious...


  16. Alejandro Cristians Rios Cuadros


  17. Alemayehu Hailu

    •I have 11 years of work experience in academics, research, and project leadership in Health Economics and Economic Evaluation. •I have extensive experience in conducting Economic...


  18. Alex Perkins

    My research applies computational, mathematical, and statistical tools to address research and policy questions related to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, with an emphasis on...


  19. Alexandra Brewis

    Stigma and social exclusion in the contexts of food, water, sanitation, and health


  20. Alexandra Towns

    In my current role, I am the strategy lead for research translation initiatives for LASER PULSE. Prior to LASER, I advised international development practitioners on research and university...