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  1. Margaret Loy Khaitsa


  2. Silas Kipkenei Elijah

    I have highest job integrity and develop experiences in; evaluating project progress, timely report writing, conducting meetings, trainings and mentorships to CHVs and facility health officials....


  3. Hussein Lujuo Mohamed


  4. Chu Duc Trinh


  5. Huong Thi Thuy Ngo

    Skilled researcher on environmental sciences, ecology, aquaculture techniques, freshwater algal identification and toxicity. Particularly, strong background in the field of Ecotoxicology, focusing...


  6. Cecilia Moraa Onyango

    I am involved in training early career researchers on how to translate research results to inform policy and practice with the aim of attaining food security and nutrition. The purpose of the...


  7. Nickcy N. Mbuthia

    I am a researcher ad educator in Health care quality improvement and patient safety. I also have research expertise in noncommunicable diseases


  8. Michele R Forman

    Developed the behavioral risk factors survey and surveillance system at CDC; modelling of risk for stunting


  9. William Nelson

    I am currently working in researches related to reproductive toxicology i.e identifying reproductive health effects associated with environmental and occupational exposure to endocrine disrupting...


  10. Linda Simon Paulo


  11. Aiwerasia Vera Ngowi

    Was a Research scientist in-charge of the toxicology research at the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania and Principal Investigator for Tanzania portion of the East Africa...


  12. Twilumba Makene

    Education - Being a Parasitology and medical entomology lecturer at University, i am involved with teaching and use of technology to improve learning outcomes to my students, which prompt my...


  13. Dennis Rugeiyamu Rweyemamu

    Assessment of the trend and extend of environmental and rangeland degradation in Morogoro region using GIS and Remote Sensing.


  14. Abraham Enock Kalonga


  15. Deborah Ruth Amulen

    My recent project has been to develop an immunebooster beverage from neglected bee product propolis to improve health and also incomes of the local beekeepers.


  16. Innocent Antony Semali


  17. Rafael Ignacio Pardo

    Professional expertise: Inclusion of persons with disabilities through sports, economic opportunities and participation in policy and programs in rural communities.


  18. Serena Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sinjlawi


  19. Lee Presley Gary

    Synchronizing stakeholder stewardship with economic development in extreme environments.


  20. Haorui Wu

    Trained as a social worker (Ph.D.), a social planner (Ph.D.), a landscape architect (Ph.D.), an urban designer (Master's Degree), and a humanitarian architect (Baccalaureate Degree), I have spent...