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  1. Olayinka Osuolale

    Information technology


  2. Lareef Zubair

    I have been working on Indian Ocean Islands and Littoral regions on researching climate, the impact of climate and adaptation to climate change. I worked so far in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Comoros,...


  3. Helen Jane Leibling

    I have carried out research with women, men and child survivors of conflict and post-conflict sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and torture including refugees, in the African continent and...


  4. Sunungurai Dominica Chingarande

    I have conducted more than 100 studies, baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, end of term evaluations across all the sectors I have highlighted and have developed policy briefs, gender equality...


  5. Heidi J Eschenbacher

    Work on system strengthening, education, research, and health sciences projects in Africa and Asia. M&E for youth, system strengthening, and higher education projects; Co-creation participation and...


  6. Sheela Sinharoy

    I conduct impact evaluations using mixed (quantitative and qualitative) methods. I study nutrition-sensitive interventions (water and sanitation, air pollution, agriculture) and examine their...


  7. Hemali Oza

    climate resilience, WaSH, gender, nutrition, agriculture; improving sustainability and climate resilience of program outcomes


  8. Lydia Cleveland Sa


  9. Belay Tefera Kibret

    National assessment of youth personality development centers, national assessment of the implmentation of Ethiopian youth policy, program implementation in Ethiopia: Model of assessment of...


  10. Faith Nanyonjo


  11. Mulugeta Negeri Tulu


  12. Joel Oduor Otieno

    Monitoring and evaluation- Offer technical support to INGOs in conducting assessments and evaluations, capacity building in various methodologies (KAPB, SMART, MICS), technical support in mobile...


  13. Adinew Tadesse Degago

    Researcher, Director, Dean of Social Science and Humanities


  14. Asmelash Woldemariam Beyene

    I have more than 25 years experience in managing various development projects. My experience include designing project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I have rich experience in working...


  15. Dessalegn Mekuriaw Hailu

    Norms of child socialization, the way society is organized and its socio-cultural practices, ineffective system of linkage creation with pertinent sectors and stakeholders affect ensuring food...


  16. Efraim Michael Kosia

    I hold Master of Science in Educational Management, Evaluation and Assessment and the PhD in Education Assessment and Evaluation


  17. Kamil Shafiq

    I'm the founder of a mapping platform (POKET) that enables researchers/NGOs/governments to deploy crowdsourcing engagements. The platform incentivizes community members to generate...


  18. Shimelis Mengistu Hailu


  19. Lilian Victor Mtasingwa

    As a development practitioner I do focus on key three sector including Education, Health, Agriculture and Politics to ensure for gender equality and strenghening governance.


  20. Tewodros Alemayehu Asefa