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  1. Yihenew Tesfaye

    I am a biocultural medical anthropologist interested in the social determinants of health and the impacts of global health, development, and humanitarian practice. I seek to explain how and why...


  2. Susan Tsang

    Conducted M&E for a variety of projects at USFWS Office of International Affairs, along with development strategy for projects at FWS and in collaboration with other government agencies in...


  3. Justin Stoler

    Dr. Stoler's research explores the geographic patterns of urban health disparities and environmental influences on social and behavioral epidemiology. Dr. Stoler enjoys field work and has worked in...


  4. Roseanne Schuster

    I apply novel social sciences methods to monitoring, evaluation, and learning to ensure programs are responsive to communities on the ground.


  5. Paul Sifuna Oshule

    I am currently working on a multi-institutional government of Kenya funded project (NRF). The application of organophosphates has serious environmental health concerns. Research studies have shown...


  6. Margaret Callahan Mazzarella

    Business Development and Resource Management


  7. May Thu Naing

    Water Resource Management in Hakha Township and its environ , The data required for this research were collected by using questionnaries in the whole township . The objective of this study is to...


  8. Matthew C Freeman

    I have worked in developing and testing integrated programs that incorporate WASH, nutrition, and neglected tropical diseases. I have conducted impact evaluations across sub-Saharan Africa, South...


  9. Edwin Obuya Makini

    I am a traimed teacher. I have been teaching in three secondary schools in kenya forthree years.Currently i am a teacher in Kairi Boys High school.As a student in University of Nairobi i have did...


  10. Lina Maria Suarez

    I have worked as a researcher in postharvesting in blackberry, cacao, plantain, avocado Hass. As well as the characterization of by products of avocado. Developing products of blackberry and...


  11. Kedir Teji Roba

    am working on epidmilogical studies of human anima health and impact agirculture saniation and animal dissease on health. (one health concept)


  12. Juan Pablo Diaz


  13. Juan Pablo Trujillo Lemus



  14. Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende

    My research area is in the application of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture. One of the projects I am working on is the mining of local community radio content using Artificial Intelligence...


  15. Janet Muhalia Chumba

    My current research is on underrepresentation of Kenyan university students at international sporting event. More focus on women maginilization and if gender plays a significant effect on...


  16. Hilary Mathews

    I lead CARE's efforts to implement high-quality, transformative gender programming across sectors in 80+ countries, translating theory into practice and connecting gender practitioners across the...


  17. Godfred Odei Boateng

    I do employ basic and advanced statistical techniques in my work as a population health scientist. My forte is in measurement theory. I have developed and validated in the past three years four...


  18. Fernando Cardozo-Pelaez

    Environmental toxicity. Impact of toxin in the central nervous system. Aging and toxicity. Oxidative stress


  19. Daniel Nover

    I work at the interface between engineering practice in water and sanitation and strengthening of governance, policy, financing, and the enabling environment for achieving WASH objectives in...


  20. Daniel Francisco Rojas Garcia