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  1. Carmen Valle-Trabadelo

    Psychologist with 15 years' experience in mental health. Worked 8 years in academia and research, at Universidad Autonoma Madrid, Cardiff University, and Universidad San Pablo. Working in...


  2. Carolyn Huang

    Research expertise includes managing and implementing evaluations (impact evaluations, formative, and process), developing evidence synthesis products (evidence gap maps, systematic reviews), and...


  3. Carolyne Njihia

    International development professional with 12 years' experience successfully designing, implementing and managing both small and large-scale research and evaluation projects across Africa for...


  4. Carolyng Gallop

    RUSI has conducted M & E in several projects especially in Afghanistan and Africa for the EU Commission; and RUSI has wide influence on the policy debate in the UK and worldwide


  5. Carrie Ann Lawrence


  6. Cassandra L Workman

    International development experience in sub?Saharan Africa focused on global and environmental health including food security, water security, and infectious disease. Monitoring and evaluation of...


  7. Caston Sigauke

    I am a statistical modeller with research interests in probabilistic forecasting with applications in energy and environmental systems. My research is on probabilistic load and renewable energy...


  8. Catalina Nossa


  9. Catherine Pomposi


  10. Catherine W Lukhoba

    Natural products from traditionally medicinal plants ,


  11. Ceaser Taban Peter

    As part of my work with Forcier Consulting, I'm involved in Monitoring and Evaluation work on the following areas: inception (research design, tools development, scripting of surveys, inception...


  12. Cecilia Deme

    Highly skilled in developing and applying a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, MEAL systems, tools and programmatic recommendations within the UN, OSCE, and INGOs for...


  13. Cecilia Moraa Onyango

    I am involved in training early career researchers on how to translate research results to inform policy and practice with the aim of attaining food security and nutrition. The purpose of the...


  14. Cesar Augusto Bernal

    I have most recently researched the issue of capacity-building of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector in conflict zones in Colombia. Furthermore, I researched informal street vendors in Bogota.


  15. charity mwangi chemnjor

    Monitering and evaluting matters on curriculum and educational Issues. Conducting analysis of quantitative data in issues in education. Developing strategies on policy implementation in curriculum.


  16. Charles Katz

    Violence prevention, gangs, strategic responses to violence, violence prevention, family interventions, evaluation


  17. Charles C. Ngugi

    I have served in various capacities in Kenya government most recent being Fisheries Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries Development at policy and development planning level. I am Trainer, Mentor,...


  18. Chinh Cong Duong

    Investigation, survey and assessment of the current and future water demand for domestic and production purposes; Water quality monitoring, Define pollution sources; Environment impact assessment,...


  19. Chitra Nagarajan


  20. Christian Ley

    I have collaborated with civil, chemical, and mechanical engineers to design and install drinking water systems in the DR and Guatemala