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  1. Louis Francois Caso

    I have worked on development projects across Africa in the public and private sector. I designed evaluations for the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, worked as a contractor evaluating...


  2. Naria Alexandria Willis


  3. Lareef Zubair

    I have been working on Indian Ocean Islands and Littoral regions on researching climate, the impact of climate and adaptation to climate change. I worked so far in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Comoros,...


  4. Yohan Richardson

    Biomass thermochemical conversion for energy and fuel production, Advanced functional materials from eco-resources (biomass and minerals) for environmental and energy applications, Eco-conception,...


  5. Helen Jane Leibling

    I have carried out research with women, men and child survivors of conflict and post-conflict sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and torture including refugees, in the African continent and...


  6. Sunungurai Dominica Chingarande

    I have conducted more than 100 studies, baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, end of term evaluations across all the sectors I have highlighted and have developed policy briefs, gender equality...


  7. Joseph King


  8. Heidi J Eschenbacher

    Work on system strengthening, education, research, and health sciences projects in Africa and Asia. M&E for youth, system strengthening, and higher education projects; Co-creation participation and...


  9. Sheela Sinharoy

    I conduct impact evaluations using mixed (quantitative and qualitative) methods. I study nutrition-sensitive interventions (water and sanitation, air pollution, agriculture) and examine their...


  10. Hemali Oza

    climate resilience, WaSH, gender, nutrition, agriculture; improving sustainability and climate resilience of program outcomes


  11. David Ader

    nutritionally sensitive agriculture


  12. Tara Prasad Panthi


  13. Brent Wells


  14. Mukta Singh Tamang

    I have worked as monitoring and evaluation specialist for community development works and provided program evaluation services to various development agencies. Most of my research works are geared...


  15. Steve Amisah

    Monitoring and Evaluation of some abandoned and degraded mine lands. 2. Evaluation of dam constructions on riverine fisheries abundance and diversity


  16. M. Javid Fazly

    Qualitative and Quantitative Research Statistical Analysis with expertise in SPSS, STAT, GraphPad Prism and R programming. Developed 5 years strategic plan and SWAT analysis for Veterinary Faculty....


  17. Mohammad Masoud Moradi

    Crosscutting is a very important concept nowadays and has to be considered in many research areas. I as a researcher seriously take under consideration the crosscutting and in each and every...


  18. Mohammad Hamed Hamed Khusrawy

    Cross cutting sues is a topic which cover all aspects of a research or project, it needs more focus and high consideration. It needs to consider in all stages of research from planning, impact...


  19. Belay Tefera Kibret

    National assessment of youth personality development centers, national assessment of the implmentation of Ethiopian youth policy, program implementation in Ethiopia: Model of assessment of...


  20. Gashaw Tesfa Alemu

    Psychosocial Basis of Resilience, Psychosocial Crisis, Migration, Gender, Mobility and Diversity