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  1. Girma Tafesse Workneh

    I have an experience on doing research on solving and modeling a specific problem Mathematically which is categorized under basic science.


  2. Dereje Engida Woldemichael

    I am a mechanical engineering by profession and specializing in engineering design and work on sustainable energy, environment, product design and quality education including technology enhanced...


  3. Kula Kekeba Tune

    Application of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing in tackling national and global challenges.


  4. Belachew Zegale Tizazu


  5. Yekoyealem Desie Kebede

    I am an associate professor in applied developmental psychology and actively engaged in research activities on (positive) youth and adolescent development, children and media, quality of education,...


  6. Zekeria Yusuf Habib

    I have been working on installation and using various softwares like SAS, R, genes, SPSS, genstat etc for data analysis


  7. Sisay Demeku Derib



  8. Ketsela Hailu Demissie


  9. Asrat Mulatu Beyene


  10. Dolors Armenteras

    My main area of interest and focus of recent research has been in tropical ecology. Although I have made broad contributions to the tropical ecology, over the last few years I have strongly focused...


  11. Erminsu Ivan David Pabon

    Nuestra organizaci?n hace parte de la Compa??a de Jes?s en Colombia, nuestra experiencia se centra en el acompa?amiento a comunidades rurales campesinas e ind?genas en el departamento de Nari?o,...


  12. Constanza Daniela Rava

    Master of International Relations, political scientist and sociologist with more than 5 years of experience in international development project management, monitoring and evaluation in academic...


  13. Alba Cecilia Osorio Ocampo

    Proantioquua, and specifically the education area, designs, operates, and evaluates various teacher training and educational improvement programs. This results in the following research...


  14. Blanca Elvira Oviedo

    Experience in areas related to Engineering applied to solving social problems. Interest in the development of engineering projects with a social focus. Research on university social responsibility,...


  15. Juan C Benavides

    Ecosystem services monitoring, LULUC scenarios, spatial impact of environmental policies


  16. Cesar Augusto Bernal

    I have most recently researched the issue of capacity-building of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector in conflict zones in Colombia. Furthermore, I researched informal street vendors in Bogota.


  17. Jos? Luis Ramos Ruiz

    Knowledge management in the agricultural sector and study of production chains using the New Institutional Economy approach.


  18. Daladier Jabba Molinares

    ICT as a support tool


  19. Arnoldo Arrieta

    Cultural and social afirmation


  20. O. Lucia Quintero Montoya

    As a control engineering background researcher I have been developing several mathematical modelling techniques looking for the understanding of complex dynamics. During my career I have been not...