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  1. Grade 5 Prosthetic Leg Lesson

    19 Sep 2011 | Lesson Plans

    Lessons from:Riverside, Sunnyside, Taylor

  2. Grade 5 Water Filtration Lesson

    19 Sep 2011 | Lesson Plans

    Lessons from: Wea Ridge and Sunnyside

  3. Grade 5 Candy Bag Lesson

    19 Sep 2011 | Lesson Plans

    Candy Bag lessons from:Riverside, Sunnyside, Taylor

  4. School Biomass to Energy PBL Website Links

    31 Aug 2011 | External Link

    This website describes a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) unit centered on the idea of converting biomass to energy. It is intended for multiple age groups, including 8th grade science, high school environmental science, and high school earth science students. This site was created to fullfill the...

  5. GREENergy PBL Website Links

    31 Aug 2011 | External Link

    This problem based unit has students devise a way to use reclaimed and degraded land in their community to create a green energy source in the form of biofuel. The unit has a preliminary time line of 3 weeks, but may take a little more time.The unit is designed for Advanced Placement...

  6. Design Team Developed: Water Filter Project

    23 Jun 2011 | Lesson Plans

    Lesson Plan.

  7. Improved Learning in a Large-Enrollment Physics Class

    23 May 2011 | Teaching Materials

    Authors: Louis Deslauriers, Ellen Schelew, Carl WiemanWe compared the amounts of learning achieved using two different instructional approaches under controlled conditions. We measured the learning of a specific set of topics and objectives when taught by 3 hours of traditional lecture given by...