GREENergy PBL Website Links

By Kathy Daniels1, Georgia L Everett2, Melissa D. Keown

1. Mississinewa High School 2. Tri-Central Community Schools

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This problem based unit has students devise a way to use reclaimed and degraded land in their community to create a green energy source in the form of biofuel. The unit has a preliminary time line of 3 weeks, but may take a little more time.

The unit is designed for Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Horticulture Science and Earth Space Science. The standards/expectations are addressed in these three classes are listed on the corresponding pages. This unit also addresses 21st Century Skills.

The website is divided into three weeks of activities as well as the materials needed for the entire unit. The handouts needed for each week are also located at the bottom of each week's web page.


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