Aspirations-Covey Workshop2

By Linda Vanasupa1, Lizabeth Thompson Schlemer2, Fatma Mili3, Wilella Burgess4, Michael Canning3, Roger Burton, Lisa McNair, Kylie Hensley, Becky Bates5, Alan Cheville

1. California Polytechnic State University 2. Cal Poly, SLO 3. Purdue University 4. Discovery Learning Research Center 5. Minnesota State University, Mankato

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This document contains images of the wall of aspirations that we created for ourselves.  

Here is an overview of our aspirations, grouped in several like categories, Emergence, Deep Knowing, "Strength to Sit With It all", Loving Community and Action in the World:



The "Strength to Sit With It All"

A loving community:

Deep Knowing:

Action in the world:


This is an image of the aspirations that we have together, as a manifesto for our "covey":


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