• Organization
    University of Oklahoma

  • Employment Status
    University / College Faculty

  • Biography
    Moses’s research interests lie at the intersection of effective STEM education, national socioeconomic development, and the amplification of the voices of the participants of these discussions in low-resource contexts (primary focus: sub-Saharan Africa).

    What follows are some of the questions that shape his research in engineering education:

    • What are sub-Saharan Africans’ perceptions of STEM education and how do these perceptions influence their policies and quality of life?

    • How can STEM educators in Africa most effectively develop, deploy and improve upon curricula, pedagogies and pedagogical aids intended to produce self-reliant, critical-thinking scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians capable of solving local and global problems existing now and in the future?

    • What are the oft-charted pathways of students from low-resource/conflict settings who successfully vie for and gain access to a high-quality education?