How to Get Admission in Alabama College of Osteopathic Medical?

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) is situated in Dothan, Alabama. Since its establishment, the college has been offering a worthwhile learning experience to medical students both inside and outside the classroom.

To help students achieve their predefined educational goals, the university has developed a well-rounded curriculum that caters to the specific needs of every student. 

Let’s have a look at the curriculum design of Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine!

Curriculum Design in ACOM

  • Pre-Clinical Years

During the first two years, students are introduced to the hybrid model which integrates a discipline and system-based approach. The early years are planned to give students a strong foundation of basic medical sciences. Besides, anatomical dissections are also a part of the early curriculum. 

The curriculum is designed in a way to make students learn primary clinical skills alongside giving them hands-on learning experience with clinical implications, osteopathic treatment, and physical & structural examination. The academic courses are mostly system-based which when coupled with clinical integration sessions enhance patient-centered skills in the medical students.   

  • Clinical Years

The curriculum design for clinical practice is somewhat rigorous. To aid learning in the most favorable manner, the instructors are encouraged to implement an unconventional teaching methodology – using audio-visual aids, readings, individual and group discussions, and much more.

The clinical curriculum is laid out to give students a great clinical experience in hospital settings. 

Additionally, students are required to take a clerkship program that offers clinical rotations so that students grow in their medical careers. 

During the final year, students achieve excellence in Medical Education and residency programs with the meaningful contributions of the professors. Moreover, elective opportunities are provided which include research programs, advanced studies, etc. 

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine - Admission Requirements

Students who have made up to 75% of coursework towards a baccalaureate degree shall be considered if and only they meet the following conditions:

  • Have completed 8 semester hours of:
  • Biology with laboratory work
  • Physics with a lab component
  • Inorganic chemistry with labs
  • Organic chemistry with lab work

Earned 6 semester hours of English literature and/or composition

High school diploma or equivalent

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution

MCAT score

Admission Guidelines

Around 4000 applications are received every year but only a few candidates who qualify for the selection criteria are given the opportunity to officially enroll in ACOM. 

The university takes in applicants on a rolling basis. The applications are accepted online through AACOMAS which verifies and sends over the applications to the osteopathic colleges. AACOMAS offers its application service in May and the university receives and processes the applications in mid-June. 

The applicants after verification are requested to submit a supplemental application along with supporting material.

Verified applications will be screened and a $50 application fee will be charged from the applicant who passed the screening process. 

Applicants will also have to submit 2 required essays and letters of recommendation. Casper assessment tests should be taken so that a student’s non-cognitive and interpersonal skills can be evaluated.

An application is considered complete once all the required documents have been attached. 

Do not forget to submit your original transcripts to AACOMAS. Also, reveal your MCAT score to the AACOMAS. For more info, visit their official website. 

ACOM - Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

Candidates applying for admission to Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine must submit one LOC issued by a physician/DO. The letter should cover the student’s performance in clinical settings. This may include shadowing a doctor or any volunteer work. 

One LOR from a pre-med advisor or you may get a committee letter that entails the names and departments of the concerned committee members. In case, you are unable to get a letter from the committee, you shall submit 2 academic letters issued by the science faculty.  

Keep in mind all the letters should be prepared on letterhead. Unsigned letters will not be accepted. Referring to the academic letter, it should enclose the course title and some supporting details. 

You shall not submit a letter from the social science faculty as it will not be considered. The university doesn’t count any recommendation letter coming from relatives, friends, veterinarians, dentists, personal coaches, family physicians, or pediatricians.  

Acceptance Rate

Before you apply for admission, it’s good to check the acceptance rate of the medical school you wish to get into. 

Referring to ACOM, it’s 9.5%. If you think that you’ve got an academic profile that is fulfilling all the admission requirements, you should go ahead and apply for admission to ACOM.

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