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  • Created 11 Oct 2012

GIS DAY part 2 with Eric Kansa

Sponsored by Purdue University Libraries Seminar Committee, the Digital Humanities Cluster of the College of Liberal Arts, and the Brian Lamb School of Communication & the GIS Libraries Department.

Library Spatial Talk

As the world of research changes, its ability consider maps and such data sharing may be a new library and research considerations where approaches to such tools make publishing of research a major concern.

Come and see what we are thinking of as Eric Kansa takes time to advance such understanding.

Faculty and their designated graduate students are welcome.

Nov 15th, 2012 8:30am-2:00pm HickG980D

Schedule https://stemedhub.org/groups/2012gisday/File:GIS_flyerpart2_nov15v1d.pdf