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About the Group

The purpose of this event is to celebrate the use of geographical information systems (GIS) and its implementations in society.

College Schedule


GIS Day 2012 Evaluation via Qualtrics https://purdue.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_abEN5OVRdRmKfrL

November 14, 2012 Location: Stewart 218 rooms A, B, C & D (please see schedules for college and middle school/high school programs 8:45 am to 6:15 pm)

Keynote Speaker: Eric Kansa: Using the Web to Situate Archaeology in Place, Time, and Community

Executive Director of the Information and Service Design Program at the UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) at 9:00am on college program

Sponsors and Participants



College Program


Middle School Program



Program Assessment

== GIS Day 2012 Evaluation via Qualtrics == https://purdue.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_abEN5OVRdRmKfrL

—— Special Announcements

Indiana State GIS agencies will be in attendance for Purdue GIS DAY!


Purdue GIS DAY Middle School Program


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