Gender Analysis in Research and Application

LASER PULSE Certificate course required for RFA application on Gender Considerations.

  1. gender
  2. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
  3. Gender Equity

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Learning Objectives for Applying Gender Considerations in Research and in Practice

At the end of the training, researchers and practitioners should: 

  1. Be able to articulate the difference between gender and sex

  2. Be able to explain the different levels of gender approaches, from gender-exploitative to gender-transformative

  3. Provide examples of interventions that were problematic because they did not address gender

  4. Identify research that is flawed because it does not address gender considerations

  5. Identify at least three domains (4 presented here) or considerations (5 are presented here) for conducting a gender analysis

  6. Identify the three main types of gender bias in research

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