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  1. M. Javid Fazly

    Qualitative and Quantitative Research Statistical Analysis with expertise in SPSS, STAT, GraphPad Prism and R programming. Developed 5 years strategic plan and SWAT analysis for Veterinary Faculty....


  2. Victor Maqque

    As a historian and a native person from the Andes I focus on long-term historical examination of local communities' views and practice on management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture,...


  3. Asadullah Azam

    We are working in collaboration with other private and governmental sectors for the development of sustainability in the country


  4. Phaindra Raj Pandey


  5. Belay Tefera Kibret

    National assessment of youth personality development centers, national assessment of the implmentation of Ethiopian youth policy, program implementation in Ethiopia: Model of assessment of...


  6. Gashaw Tesfa Alemu

    Psychosocial Basis of Resilience, Psychosocial Crisis, Migration, Gender, Mobility and Diversity


  7. Moges Alemu Zewdie

    I have experience in M&E and reporting


  8. Faith Nanyonjo


  9. Amamaw Endalew Ejigu

    Child protection expert, Project M & E Expert and Director


  10. Sewareg Adamu Demelash

    I have served as an M&E advisor for various national and bilateral institutions. I have also conducted numerous researches and evaluation of projects and programs that use quantitative analysis. I...


  11. Mulugeta Negeri Tulu


  12. Joel Oduor Otieno

    Monitoring and evaluation- Offer technical support to INGOs in conducting assessments and evaluations, capacity building in various methodologies (KAPB, SMART, MICS), technical support in mobile...


  13. Beyene Teklu Mellisse

    for research


  14. Adinew Tadesse Degago

    Researcher, Director, Dean of Social Science and Humanities


  15. Tamene Kitila

    education, researcher


  16. Asmelash Woldemariam Beyene

    I have more than 25 years experience in managing various development projects. My experience include designing project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I have rich experience in working...


  17. Workneh Nigatie Enideg

    My educational background is BA pedagogical sciences, MA in Educational psychology (measurement and evaluation stream), and PhD in Social Work and Social Development. I have been teaching different...


  18. Firew Kefyalew Mekonnen

    I have a M&E experience -setting up systems, training personnel, and using results - working in various programs and also using M&E to make decisions as a leader. Working with state and non-state...


  19. Dessalegn Mekuriaw Hailu

    Norms of child socialization, the way society is organized and its socio-cultural practices, ineffective system of linkage creation with pertinent sectors and stakeholders affect ensuring food...


  20. Leonardo Arriola

    My research focuses on the intersection of governance, democratization, and wellbeing. My recent work examines the impact of: campaign messages on inter-ethnic understanding; civic education on...