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  1. Draft Somalia BAB Theory of Change

    10 Sep 2020

    An informative flowchart about Accelerated Education Programs' and teachers' needs and outcomes.

  2. USAID Somalia AED Implementation RFP

    07 Sep 2020

    This document gives insight into the background and history of Somalia's emergency and information about costs, scope, and general standards that are set by the project.

  3. USAID Accelerated Education Programs (AEP) Literature Review

    07 Sep 2020

    This document summarizes what Accelerated Educated Programs are and gives methodology of and how they can be implemented in conflict-affected countries. It also goes over key findings and recommendations found from the study.

  4. Accelerated Education: 10 Principles for Effective Practice

    07 Sep 2020

     This document explains effective practice principles that aim to clarify the essential components of effective Accelerated Education Programs. It also guides in setting up and implementing the principles with Action Points.

  5. Conflict Sensitive Education Training

    04 Sep 2020 | Contributor(s):: Kyle Steven Habig

    This page gives information about about a two-day training in Washington D.C. hosted by the USAID Education in Crisis and Conflict Network, FHI 360, and Save the Children. It also includes an overview of the topics that are focused on in the training.

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