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  1. How to unsubscribe or change email subscriptions

    To change your email subscription settings, go to the forum that you want your settings to be changed. Find "Email Settings" on the right side of the screen and click on "Change your...


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  1. Sumedha - A Global Standard VLSI program

    24 Feb 2021

    An exciting nationwide Online VLSI Corporate Dive-In Program. Learn the current trends through active industry exp. Gain in-depth knowledge on a VLSI design course. Experience real learning through Active Industry experts. Retool yourself to adopt this sophisticated technological...

  2. Community Engagement Toward Impact in Research Translation

    23 Feb 2021 | Publications

    The Research Translation Tools Technical Support Series #8: As you plan for implementing research translation projects, one of the most critical components to consider is the extent to and methods by which you engage communities. Learn more about how to make your partnerships mutually...

  3. Conservation status assessment of banana crop wild relatives using species distribution modelling

    19 Feb 2021 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Dang Toan Vu

    AimCrop wild relatives (CWR) are an essential source of genetic material for the improvement of certain traits in related crop species. Despite their importance, increasing public, scientific and political support, large gaps exist in the amount of genetic material collected and conserved...

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  1. When Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

    Air duct cleaning is a significant piece of home support. A filthy air duct can bring down the nature of the air in your home by advancing the course of allergens and microorganisms in the air....


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