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  1. Yihenew Tesfaye

    I am a biocultural medical anthropologist interested in the social determinants of health and the impacts of global health, development, and humanitarian practice. I seek to explain how and why...


  2. Stroma Cole

    Working in water, gender and tourism is necessarily cross cutting from environment to politics and from economics to human rights


  3. Justin Stoler

    Dr. Stoler's research explores the geographic patterns of urban health disparities and environmental influences on social and behavioral epidemiology. Dr. Stoler enjoys field work and has worked in...


  4. Sarah L Smiley

    My research focuses on water access in urban Sub-Saharan Africa. I investigate specific issues that limit access such as availability and quality. I also consider how floods impact access.


  5. Paul Sifuna Oshule

    I am currently working on a multi-institutional government of Kenya funded project (NRF). The application of organophosphates has serious environmental health concerns. Research studies have shown...


  6. Matthew E. Verbyla

    I have experience developing statistical models for risk assessment and data collection


  7. Margaret Callahan Mazzarella

    Business Development and Resource Management


  8. May Thu Naing

    Water Resource Management in Hakha Township and its environ , The data required for this research were collected by using questionnaries in the whole township . The objective of this study is to...


  9. Matthew C Freeman

    I have worked in developing and testing integrated programs that incorporate WASH, nutrition, and neglected tropical diseases. I have conducted impact evaluations across sub-Saharan Africa, South...


  10. Margarita Maria Baena Restrepo

    Development, analysis and structuring of strategies on macro-trends (economic, political and social). Adaptation and technological diffusion for the solution of basic problems in energy, water,...


  11. John Mario Rodriguez


  12. Leila M Harris

    Water governance in underserved contexts, intersections of resource governance and inequity


  13. Kedir Teji Roba

    am working on epidmilogical studies of human anima health and impact agirculture saniation and animal dissease on health. (one health concept)


  14. Kate A Brauman

    Hydrologic modeling and value of information for water management, global water scarcity and water productivity assessment


  15. Juan Pablo Diaz


  16. Jorge Ivan Rios Patino


  17. Janneth Astrid Cubillos Vargas

    my research work is related with wastewater treatment by natural systems, organic waste treatment by anaerobic process and water resource management


  18. Jessica Budds

    24 years' academic, policy and field-based experience in environment and development, focusing on water policy and governance. Key areas include water politics, urban water supply and sanitation,...


  19. Daniel Nover

    I work at the interface between engineering practice in water and sanitation and strengthening of governance, policy, financing, and the enabling environment for achieving WASH objectives in...


  20. Daniel Francisco Rojas Garcia