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  1. Seifu Admassu Tilahun

    My research interest is on rainfall-runoff processes, soil erosion and sediment transport, water productivity, sustainability of water supply, non point source pollution and improving watershed...


  2. Richard Joseph Kimwaga

    For any WASH facility, I conduct monitoring and evaluation to assess the facility compliance with regard to environmental standards. In terms of engineering, I do design of WASH facility to serve a...


  3. Patrick Tumusiime Kagurusi

    I am a Public Health Specialist with more than 19 years of experience in both Technical, Managerial and Strategic Public Health practice. I have Technical and Leadrship experience as Deputy Country...


  4. Monroe Weber-shirk

    •(2005-present) Founder and Director of the AguaClara program to research, invent, design and disseminate technologies for municipal gravity-powered surface-water treatment plants. This...


  5. Lakhdar Boukerrou

    I developed M&E strategies and plan for numerous programs and conducted statistical/quantitavie analysis of various research projects. Developed and implemented development strategies and framework.


  6. Casey Brown

    Dr. Casey Brown is an internationally recognized expert in water resources systems analysis and climate risk assessment. Dr. Brown is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the...


  7. Diogo Bolster

    I do a lot of mathematical modeling of complex natural systems closely related to hydrology


  8. Agustin Zsogon

    Agriculture and agribusiness contributed 23.5% of Brazil's GDP in 2017. 19% of the country's workforce is directly employed in the agriculture sector, and more than half among them are smallholders...


  9. Duncan Onyango Mbuge

    I have expertise in post harvest food preservation and processing, water resources engineering, environmental impact assessment and farm power and machinery


  10. Francis J Mulaa

    Development of technologies for bioremediation and green chemistry production of value added chemicals. Using agricultural biomass as starting material for value addition and applying enzymes as...


  11. Ha Thi Tran

    Our recent research concentrates on monitoring toxic of low concentration in waste water as well as in food that can harm to human health by surface enhance Raman scattering. We also try to develop...


  12. Tuyen Viet Nguyen

    Recently, we are studying surface enhanced Raman scattering for monitoring toxic substances in industry wasted water as well as some herbicides, and fungicides… illegally used in agriculture....


  13. Shirley Palisoc Palisoc


  14. Silvia Eloiza Priore


  15. Suzan Matar


  16. Nawal Hijjawi


  17. Dora Kilalo


  18. Monica De Abreu Azevedo


  19. Michael Angelo Promentilla


  20. Maria Corazon Colendrino