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  1. Bloom's Action Verbs

    13 Jul 2015

    Bloom's action verbs can help to push students into higher levels of thinking. Including these in objectives can help students think more abstractly.Verbs for Bloom's http://www.highperformancetrainingworks.com/EPSS/TechNotes/Bloom.htm

  2. Standards and Objectives: Learning Outcomes- Small Group Presentation

    13 Jul 2015 | Contributor(s):: Amber Lindahl (contributor), Josue Machuca (contributor), Lizzette Menendez (contributor), Dawn Sue Rosander Slein (contributor)

    This presentation includes:1) How will you engage/scaffold students’ efforts via technology?2) What will the students learn: content standards (national, state, nanoscience), objectives, 21st century skills?3) How will the students demonstrate the mastery of these objectives?