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  1. Tasks/Student Investations- Small Group Presentation

    13 Jul 2015 | Contributor(s):: Andrew Cook (contributor), Emily Fero (contributor), India Scott (contributor), Andrew Stonesifer (contributor), Ruth Zorayda Osorio (contributor)

    This presentation addresses:1) What will the students do (activities)?2) What resources and materials will students need to complete their work?3) How will you organize student activities (timeline)?

  2. Materials for Size-Dependent Properties Station

    13 Jul 2015

    Here are the links and prices for the stations in the size-dependent properties activity.

  3. Nanoscience and PBL Resources for Teachers

    13 Jul 2015

    This document includes nanoscience resources separated by big idea. There are also resources based on the applications discussed in the 2015 RGS course and websites where you can purchase materials for nano activities. The PBL resources include examples, tools and articles. All of the resources...

  4. Jun 09 2014

    Research Goes to School Summer 2014 Workshop

    Two-week intensive session devoted to the underlying ideas of nanotechnology using Problem-based Learning techniques. Stipends of $200 per day, travel allotment, meals, housing, and 45 hours of PGP...


  5. The Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science and Engineering Chapter 1

    02 Jun 2014 |

    Chapter 1: The Foundational Science Content for the Big Ideas of Nanoscale Science and Engineering.

  6. Tanya Faltens

    Tanya Faltens received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from UCLA in 2002 where she worked on the growth and characterization of non-linear optical microcrystals.She did some...


  7. Apr 26 2012

    NANO Days 2012 at Purdue University

    Dear Indiana students, educators and community organizations,We would like to invite you to attend to the 3rd Annual K-12 Nanotechnology outreach event located at Purdue University’s Discovery...


  8. Kathy Daniels

    I teach AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, and Advanced Biology at Mississinewa High School. I have been a classroom teacher for over 18 years and I have also worked in museums and botanical...