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  1. Sukaina A Alzyoud

    Dr. Sukaina Alzyoud is an Associate Professor, at the Hashemite University. She has served and still serves in various administrative and academic roles. Currently Dr. Alzyoud is the Dean of...


  2. Maha T Mohammad

    Currently, I'm working on several projects among which one focuses on the impact of diabetic neuropathy on patients' gait. The goal of this project is to develop technology that aids in the early...


  3. Dania Asri Qutishat

    I have an interest in promoting health and wellbeing, especially through physical activity and tobacco control. I have been involved in running projects that target higher education for...


  4. Madhavilatha Maganti

    Through my research and clinical experience, I am committed to understanding how early intervention can ameliorate developmental delays in at-risk infants from birth to 6 years of age.My primary...


  5. Hung


  6. Nguyen Dinh Thanh


  7. Sang Van Nguyen


  8. Cristhiane M B O Messias

    I researched the use of food waste with the purpose of adding economic and nutritional value in the development of new food products reducing environmental impacts and collaborating for the...


  9. Hai Pham-the


  10. Hatim Samir Alkhatib


  11. Lara S Al-khlaifat

    I am currently working on different research project involving different aspects of physiotherapy. The ones of which I am the lead investigator are mainly related to knee osteoarthritis (OA) as a...


  12. Thi Thu Hien Tu


  13. Alejandro Cristians Rios Cuadros


  14. Areej M K Abuhammad

    Research expertise include protein crystallization, screening for novel drugs of natural and synthetic origin as potential enzyme modulators using biochemical and biophysical methods as tools to...


  15. Minh D Le

    My research focuses on biodiversity and conservation in Vietnam and other Indochinese countries, Laos and Cambodia. Current projects include biotic survey, threats to biodiversity from climate...


  16. Jennifer A Muhaidat

    My research expertise are in the field of physical activity measurement and promotion, especially for older adults. I have also been involved in research projects for improvement of higher...


  17. Hala A Bawadi

    My research interest in sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and empowering females in my country. The SRHR issues are currently featured on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which...


  18. Christine A. Tisone


  19. Luis O Tedeschi

    His research is focused on the integration of scientific knowledge of ruminant nutrition that has been accumulated over the years to solve contemporary problems. This integration is achieved...


  20. Angela M Arenas-gamboa

    I have more than 15 years of experience working in the area of transboundary infectious diseases especially in the area of brucellosis. My research areas include the development of new diagnostic...