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  1. Nathan Nt Tumuhamye

    i have been undertaking research in public health and resilience since 2010 with 4 publications in public Health and over 5 publications in resilience research focusing on Africa. My area of...


  2. Wafa' Hasan Alalaween

    I am interested in the research that is related to systems engineering and fuzzy and neural fuzzy systems and the various related applications. For instance, I and collaborators have developed...


  3. Rebecca L Gianotti

    I have experience with different aspects of hydrology - land surface hydrology and its interactions with vector-borne disease, climate science / modeling and regional impacts, as well as water...


  4. Hiep Ngoc Le

    Mr. Le Ngoc Hiep, a lecturer of food technology, nutrition and public health at Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, An Giang University. Previously, he...


  5. Kien Van Nguyen

    Dr. Kien Van Nguyen is research fellow in the Fenner School of Environment and Society at The Australian National University. He is also the Ex-Director of Research Center for Rural Development of...


  6. Jamila A.a Abuidhail


  7. Mona A Abed


  8. Gad Ruzaaza None Ndaruhutse

    Gad Ruzaaza Ndaruhutse, is a USAID certified champion for food security and nutrition in Uganda. During 2001 to 2012 he coordinated the activities of the Swedish International Development...


  9. Yvens Yp Philizaire

    I'm working on developing new methods for preserving food. I also work on fortified foods.


  10. Salah R Agha

    Agha's research and teaching interests are in the field of application of industrial engineering tools in different fields in developing countries especially in the industrial, agricultural,...


  11. Suhad S Abumweis

    I have clinical research experience particularly in the area of functional foods. I have a good knowledge of strengths, limitations, and area of potential improvement of human nutrition trials. I...


  12. Toan T Nguyen

    My research areas are computational biophysics and biomedicine. I collaborate closely with both computational and experimental research groups for modelling of biomolecules, drug design, toxic...


  13. Regina Coeli Ferreira Ramos

    I work with children and adolescents important To GLOBAL HEALTH including HIV and AIDS, because os the high number of the cases every year. Looking for improve prophilaxis and with zika virus and...


  14. Ahmed A Al-hammouri

    Working in plant production and protection in general is so important in sustainable development in LMIC since it is related to production of vegetables and fruits and other nutrition crops which...


  15. Lubna Hamid Tahtamouni


  16. Cecilia Tamborindeguy


  17. Amin N Olaimat

    I have published over 40 peer-reviewed papers in reputed international journals. My current research areas include: the study and analysis the microbial quality and safety of traditional foods, the...


  18. Zulma Maria Medeiros

    The researcher's group studies the factors and processes associated with clinical outcomes and evaluation of new diagnostic tools and treatment of neglected diseases.


  19. Linh Phuong Dinh

    My research expertise focuses on gender-based violence, sociology of health and mental health care. Gender-based violence has been recognized as a critical issue in Vietnam. In addition, in the...


  20. Vu Thang Pham

    My interest is on how to promote the role of universities to solve the issues of climate change. For instance in the renewable energy, how LMIC countries could create favourable environment for...