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  1. Carla S Sanchez

    The research experience is the mortality due to air pollution caused by particulate material MP10 and MP2.5 of the population of the city of Cusco- Peru, this is due to the lack of education of the...


  2. Elsa Gladys G Aguilar Ancori

    For more than 15 years I have been conducting studies in tropical diseases such as leishmania, human studies, vectors (Lutzomyia) and reservoirs through molecular tests in the search of the...


  3. Maria E Holgado Rojas

    In recent years we have been transferring artisanal technology from the cultivation of food and medicinal mushrooms to the communities of the Cusco region, for self-consumption purposes to mitigate...


  4. Huong Le-thi-thu

    My main research is on the development of precision treatment for social impact diseases, such as cancer, infectious and neglected tropical diseases using advanced techniques including...


  5. Eugenia Fabian Arias Vda De Rivera

    Experiences in research teaching and learning in university students, teaching strategies, labor market, employment situation, quality of life, issues related to family violence, violence against...


  6. Hung Van Mai

    Environment including many factors has influence on students' health, and morphology and physical status. From this research results, it can be concluded that how to create the best learning and...


  7. Moawiah Mohammad Khatatbeh


  8. Alrabadi

    Establish a water treatment center for the physically injured, includes private baths and tubs to help the injured in rehabilitation through water therapy exercises to rehabilitate and accelerate...


  9. Ala' Yehya

    My primary research interests lie in the fields of pharmacogenetics. My recent projects aim to implement pharmacovigilance principles and public awareness in cases of transmissible infectious...


  10. Alsulaiman


  11. Edith Rosana Huaman Guadalupe

    Edith Rosana Huam?n Guadalupe; Professor Researcher Regina National University of the Center of Peru, Registration: 16631, I graduated as a Bachelor of Nursing in 1995. Then the year 2006.Degree of...


  12. Miryam Maritza Soriano Camargo

    Research has been developed related to malnutrition in young children from the areas of Viques and Acopalca. Among which has been the consumption of water, healthy practices, and how they relate to...


  13. Al-yakoub

    I do have a wide experience in working with private and public sector and international agencies. My experience and education has equipped me with an inter-disciplinary knowledge and led to view...


  14. Rossana Mirtha Scarsi Maratuech

    I have conducted research related to women's empowerment, food security, health and education. It can be implemented through: Strengthening research studies aimed at achieving the Sustainable...


  15. Doaa Shams El Din Ahmed Ghorab

    I have experience in Haematopathology, I am interested in the diagnosis of lymphoma and research in cancer. Lymphoma, cancer breast, hepatoma rates are doubling in Egypt in recent years. I am...


  16. Ahmed Mohamed Nabil Helaly

    toxicology parameters may be one of the important factors behind the unique map of diseases in the middle east . further more, the map of diseases in Jordan is different from Egypt. it is suggested...


  17. Qasem M. Mousa Qananwah

    I am concentrating in my research in health strengthening new products that might be used with more reliability, like the diseases which are concerned with blood such as anemia, blood pressure,...


  18. Khalid Mohamed Nahar

    Locally led health research in low and middle income countries (LMICs) is critical for overcoming global health challenges. Yet, despite over 25?years of international efforts, health research...


  19. Ahmad M Al-omari

    I use Bioinformatics tools and research for discovering disease and drugs and understanding the systems biology of body and cells with minimum time and money. I develop software using parallel...


  20. Alexandra Towns

    In my current role, I am the strategy lead for research translation initiatives for LASER PULSE. Prior to LASER, I advised international development practitioners on research and university...