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  1. Abdi Mohammed Hassen

    I am professionally Plant pathologist working on the areas of Mycotoxigenic and mycotoxin health risk assessment, Manchu nutrition.


  2. Zinab Sherafu Abamecha

    I graduated in BSc degree in biology on july 5, 2017 and serving the university since then as Graduate assistant. Currently i m pursuing my Msc degree in Botanical science and i am working my MSc...


  3. Inmaculada Mar?a Fern?ndez

    World Vision is a global organization for development, humanitarian aid and Advocacy (Christian advocacy and mobilization), focused on the well-being and tender protection of children in vulnerable...


  4. Ana Maria Trejos

    My expertise is the disclosure of HIV diagnosis to children and adolescents through the DIRE clinical model. I am the principal author of DIRE model and this model was recognize for Colombian...


  5. Arnoldo Arrieta

    Cultural and social afirmation


  6. Christian Andres Diaz Leon

    I have been working on the recent years in the use of technologies for improving education and health professionals training, trying to massify the process and decreasing the cost. To this purpose...


  7. Luis Eduardo Meneses Barrios

    As the founder and director of FUVADIS, I have promote sessions of health and sexual education and legal assistance with the support of Universidad del Norte, especifically in cases of refufee...


  8. Pieter Ventevogel

    Mental health and psychosocial support for refugees


  9. Nigusse Assefa Kassaw


  10. Annie Greene Bonz

    I am a licensed creative arts therapist with over 15 years of experience in global mental health & psychosocial support for refugee and displace populations. I have extensive expertise in...


  11. Habtamu Taddele Menghistu


  12. Mark D. Bardini

    Expert in M&E and learning. Designed and managed multiple impact, performance, mid-term, end of project, and other evaluations of international development programs in more than 70 countries.


  13. Nigatu Regassa Geda

    By profession, I am demographer and epidemiologist. I have published more than 50 articles in reputable journals in the area of gender, nutrition, food security, envirnment, maternal and child...


  14. Ricardo M Tamayo

    I am a researcher in Experimental Psychology. I have developed in collaboration with the Health Ministry of Colombia the Smoking Warnings published in all cigarettes pack in Colombia based on...


  15. Claire Greene

    Implementation and evaluation of mental health, substance use, and psychosocial interventions in humanitarian settings; Implementation science; Experimental and non-experimental evaluations of...


  16. Carmen Valle-Trabadelo

    Psychologist with 15 years' experience in mental health. Worked 8 years in academia and research, at Universidad Autonoma Madrid, Cardiff University, and Universidad San Pablo. Working in...


  17. Sara Romero

    I have expertise in using a mix-methods approach (e.g., quantitative, qualitative) in data analysis and am knowledgeable of various statistical softwares (e.g., SPSS, MPlus).


  18. Adam D Brown

    I conduct research primarily with individuals who are at high risk for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD following exposure to adversity and trauma. Through collaborations...


  19. Santiago Andres Roa

    I worked for UNFPA as quantitative consultant


  20. Wondwesen Girma Mamo