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  1. Raphael S Vasconcellos

    I have experience with Molecular Biology applied to trypanosomatids (Leishmania and T. cruzi). I study kinases involved in processing mRNA and kinases inhibitors to apply to the treatment of...


  2. Guaraci L Requena

    Recently, I became assistant professor at UFV, at the Institute of Exact and Technological Sciences, researching and giving classes in Statistics. Last year, I finished my doctoral studies in...


  3. Andreia Patricia Gomes

    I'm an infectious diseases professor with expertise in HIV,/AIDS, mal?ria, dengue, Zika anos another neglegected infectious diseases in tropical ?reas. I, also,study Bio?tica and reach It in...


  4. Rita De Cassia Goncalves Alfenas

    I have been working with obesity and diabetes. These chronic diseases are epidemic and negatively impact health and economy


  5. Emily C Carlo Reis

    I'm a DVM and have always been interested on how the information on pathogenesis and novel therapies developed for/with small animals is able to be translated to human health and thus, shorten the...


  6. Flavia Bbs Diaz

    Health promotion and sustainable development are directly connected and are the basis for a balanced and healthy future life. Educating citizens to promote their health and collectivities,...


  7. Tiago Antonio De Oliveira Mendes

    In early stages of my scientific career identify new parasite-specific targets for drugs and vaccine development against visceral protozoan parasites and multiresistant bacteria using...


  8. Jose Guilherme Prado Martin

    I am Professor at a Federal University of international recognition in the Agricultural Sciences area. At this University, I have been working in the Food Microbiology area, with researches related...


  9. Frederico R Barros

    The major focus of my research is on improving food quality and human health through fruits and grain chemistry and technology. The major objectives are to identify bioactive compounds from fruits...


  10. Poliane Alfenas-zerbini

    Viruses that infect bacteria are the most abundant organisms on the planet, and play important roles in maintaining the ecosystem. In recent years, the use of viruses as a biological control tool...


  11. Sukarno Olavo Ferreira

    Development of new materials for renewable energy sources and physical characterization techniques applied to nanobiotechnology.


  12. Marisa Alves Nogueira Diaz

    My research is about cancer treatment mainly cancer of the melanoma type, where we test formulations developed from compounds that are synthesized in our laboratory


  13. Frederico Garcia Pinto


  14. James Ditai

    I have been deeply involved in maternal, newborn and child health research. We use innovations and technologies to improve the lives of poor women and children especially the poor. The ultimate...


  15. Hilario C Mantovani

    I have a background in microbiology with a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University. My research interests are centered on the animal gut microbiome and its role in animal health and production. My...


  16. Patricia De Oliveira Salgado

    Adviser at Masters and PhD levels. Researcher of the Group of Interdisciplinary Studies in Health of UFV. Since 2014 she has developed research in the areas of nursing, nursing processes, nursing...


  17. Antonio J Natali


  18. Nkiru Chinwe Onuko


  19. Luis A Nero

    Food microbiology, specially related to foodborne diseases and lactic acid bacteria


  20. Denis Senkandwa Kyabaggu