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  1. Huong Thi Thuy Ngo

    Skilled researcher on environmental sciences, ecology, aquaculture techniques, freshwater algal identification and toxicity. Particularly, strong background in the field of Ecotoxicology, focusing...


  2. Nguyen Quoc Dinh

    I have completed my PhD in remote sensing and GIS in geo-ecology at University of Bayreuth, Germany, continued working in the field of application of remote sensing and GIS in natural resources...


  3. Cecilia Moraa Onyango

    I am involved in training early career researchers on how to translate research results to inform policy and practice with the aim of attaining food security and nutrition. The purpose of the...


  4. Alvaro Andres Escobar


  5. Trang Thi Thu Nguyen

    Wastewater treatment and management


  6. Calvince Wara Akello

    Water Resources Engineering, Management Climate change Impact


  7. Denis Macharia Muthike

    My expertise is focused on data integration techniques that link climate, environmental and socio-economic factors affecting human wellbeing. I use statistical modeling to carry out this type of...


  8. William Nelson

    I am currently working in researches related to reproductive toxicology i.e identifying reproductive health effects associated with environmental and occupational exposure to endocrine disrupting...


  9. Aiwerasia Vera Ngowi

    Was a Research scientist in-charge of the toxicology research at the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania and Principal Investigator for Tanzania portion of the East Africa...


  10. Magdalena Edes Shao


  11. Dennis Rugeiyamu Rweyemamu

    Assessment of the trend and extend of environmental and rangeland degradation in Morogoro region using GIS and Remote Sensing.


  12. Basil Tito Iro Ong'or

    I have been a researcher and practitioner for the last twenty six (26) years, specifically in the Engineering area viz. Water Resources Engineering, Enviromental Engineering and Agricultural...


  13. Abraham Enock Kalonga


  14. Deborah Ruth Amulen

    My recent project has been to develop an immunebooster beverage from neglected bee product propolis to improve health and also incomes of the local beekeepers.


  15. Ruto Musa Losiang'ole


  16. Patrick Kalama

    I Use M&E for evaluating the research trials on crops that I undertake with farmer on quarterly basis in north part of Kenya. This also involves other researchers and donors from various...


  17. Patrick K Ketiem


  18. Yongjun Zhang


  19. Alba Lucy Ortega Salas

    Ingenier?a en producci?n acu?cola


  20. Erick Alouis Josue

    For more information please check my attachment CV. CURRICULUM VITAE ERICK ALOUIS JOSUE Turkana County, Kakuma. Mobile : +254704446408 Email: erickaloise1997@gmail.com PERSONAL PROFILE I am a...