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  1. Admobi Tech


  2. Daniel Fernando Madrinan Chiquito

    I am an Industrial Design student at the Colombian National University, Palmira Campus. One of my career goals is to design devices that will help people with disabilities live with as few...


  3. David B Nelson


  4. Rasha Altaaj

    Hi, Friends Its Rasha Altaaj an Interior Designer by profession, and currently I am working at Archideators as an Interior designer. Archideators is one of the best Architecture firm in Pakistan....


  5. Rikin Patel

    We are Purple Phase - a company that transforms your business ideas into valuable creative solutions. We bring together the best of marketing, branding and design solutions and take a fresh new...


  6. Stephen Silliman

    I am a groundwater hydrologist with experience in numerical, lab and field studies. I also work with multivariate probability/statistics. I am an engineer by training and look at systems...


  7. thomas will