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  1. Michael Talbot

    human rights jurisprudence, development, and judicial dialogue


  2. Malale Tungu

    Monitoring and evaluation in health and development programmes and quantitative analysis for the quality of life of the elderly.


  3. Ruto Musa Losiang'ole


  4. Rebecca Ward

    Experience building the research management and knowledge transfer capacity of mid- and senior-level university leaders using an interactive curriculum that takes a strategic "research ecosystem"...


  5. Barbara Dennis

    I work with communities to facilitate their capacities to engage in research to solve their local problems usually problems of racial or gender and sexual equity and social justice in education..


  6. Rafael Ignacio Pardo

    Professional expertise: Inclusion of persons with disabilities through sports, economic opportunities and participation in policy and programs in rural communities.


  7. Serena Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sinjlawi


  8. Tushi Baul


  9. Haorui Wu

    Trained as a social worker (Ph.D.), a social planner (Ph.D.), a landscape architect (Ph.D.), an urban designer (Master's Degree), and a humanitarian architect (Baccalaureate Degree), I have spent...


  10. Stephanie Lopez

    Policy design for migration crisis.


  11. Alejandro Balanzo

    Policy territorialization, institutional change and learning, policy cognitive analysis.


  12. Eduardo Bechara-Gomez

    Together with two colleagues, Irene Cabrera and Andr?s Mac?as, we designed a multidimensional security model for border areas, tested in Putumayo, border between Colombia and Ecuador, throughout a...


  13. Christine Rienstra-kiracofe


  14. Manuel Salamanca


  15. Alejandro Acosta Ayerbe


  16. Sarah Ford

    With over 30 years' experience in developing and implementing civil society capacity strengthening projects, I've provided technical leadership, guidance, and support to stand-alone and integrated...


  17. Dave D White

    Dave White joined Arizona State University in 2001. He is deputy director of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, director of the ASU Decision Center for a Desert City, and...


  18. Netra Bahadur Chhetri

    What does it take to foster innovations in science and technology that serves people at the margin? In my scholarly pursuit, I tackle this question in three overlapping areas of concern: food...


  19. Susan Tsang

    Conducted M&E for a variety of projects at USFWS Office of International Affairs, along with development strategy for projects at FWS and in collaboration with other government agencies in...


  20. Stroma Cole

    Working in water, gender and tourism is necessarily cross cutting from environment to politics and from economics to human rights