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  1. Who is Targeted in Corruption? Disentangling the Effects of Wealth and Power on Exposure to Bribery.

    Collections | 22 Jun 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  2. Internal Borders: Ethnic-Based Market Segmentation in Malawi

    Collections | 22 Jun 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  3. Kris Inman

    I have been a senior technical advisor for USAID in countering violent extremism work in Africa for the past 5 years. I have a PhD in political science, with a specialization in research methods...


  4. Alebel Aynalem Derseh

    I have been working as a monitoring and Evaluation and learning officer for more than 4 years for different USAID funded projects five years ago and I have a few experiences in the area.


  5. Gudina Abshula Fojo

    I have an experience of conducting project mid-term and endline evaluation for various non-governmental organizations operating in and arround Jimma, Ethiopia.


  6. Dereje Bekele Jiru

    Environment/biodiversity sector: I have the experience of conducting participatory landscape baseline assessment for determining the socio-ecological resilience level in Gilgel Gibe catchment, in...


  7. Jael Goldschmidt


  8. Khanh Thi Nguy

    In my work, I spend many time for development of organisation and network's strategy as well as leading the policy advocacy work of alliance. In order to execute this task, I need stasistic data,...


  9. Anh Thi Pham

    My research focus on the environmental problems system analysis, sustainable development and public participation on the infrastructure project and environment and


  10. Du The Huynh

    Theories of public choice and public entrepreneurship have not been examined well in Asia or the Orient, where individuals tend to depend on communities, dictatorship has been more frequent and...


  11. Hanh Minh Thai

    I am a lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology with more than 15 years experience. I have experience on doing research in corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and...


  12. Anahel Maria Hernandez Valega

    Currently I work as Research and Development Coordinator, in charge of the processes of follow-up, monitoring and evaluation, at the same time that I answer for the reports of statistical and...


  13. Edbertha A. Azinah


  14. Janet Mwangata


  15. Milena Hernandez


  16. Delessa Bulcha Neger

    For croscutting items I selected, the first reason is that I am an economist who worked as developmwnt practitioner in governemnt offices ,and university president (CEO) and Depurt CEO(Vice...


  17. Tom Hare

    violence prevention and recidivism


  18. Tesfaye Semela Kukem

    Statistics and Quantitative Analysis; Analysis of Social Policy


  19. Melisew Dejene Lemma

    Policy Analysis; Social protection; Food (in)security


  20. Tilaye Kassahun Ayen

    I served as the lead/principal consultant for a number of evaluation projects in areas of Apiiculture Scaling Up, Education Quality Improvement, Nutrition Analysis, Gender and Development,...