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  1. Susan Tsang

    Conducted M&E for a variety of projects at USFWS Office of International Affairs, along with development strategy for projects at FWS and in collaboration with other government agencies in...


  2. Stroma Cole

    Working in water, gender and tourism is necessarily cross cutting from environment to politics and from economics to human rights


  3. May Thu Naing

    Water Resource Management in Hakha Township and its environ , The data required for this research were collected by using questionnaries in the whole township . The objective of this study is to...


  4. Edwin Obuya Makini

    I am a traimed teacher. I have been teaching in three secondary schools in kenya forthree years.Currently i am a teacher in Kairi Boys High school.As a student in University of Nairobi i have did...


  5. John Mario Rodriguez


  6. Leslie Elva Maccolman


  7. Leila M Harris

    Water governance in underserved contexts, intersections of resource governance and inequity


  8. Jessica Budds

    24 years' academic, policy and field-based experience in environment and development, focusing on water policy and governance. Key areas include water politics, urban water supply and sanitation,...


  9. Carlos Enrique Moreno Leon

    I am monitoring and evaluating the program Cure Violence in Cali, Colombia. I performed quantitative impact evaluations social and private projects.


  10. Benjamin Pauli

    I have been extensively involved in the response to the Flint Water Crisis, particularly on the civil society and scientific sides of the response. I have conducted over two years' worth of...


  11. Valerie Karr

    With expertise in inclusive development, human rights, youth and disability, and a track record of effective rights-based advocacy internationally, Dr. Valerie Karr's research and advocacy focuses...


  12. Tim Weninger

    We are looking at social media manipulation including the ways by which individuals and organizations are using social media systems to corrupt the public discourse. We are also developing...


  13. Rodolfo Rubio

    Experience in formulating research on governance, local development plans and programmes, peace education, mediation and state decentralization.


  14. Peter J. Schubert

    Systems engineering and multi-disciplinary research


  15. Peter Ignatius Gichure

    Peace education. Works with Catholic Justice anf peace Commission


  16. Paul Rex Danquah

    Impact evaluation USAID WA Wash in three african countries (Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso) in 2015


  17. Munyanga Mukungo Sylvain

    DRC NORTH KIVU PROVINCE CONFLICTS AND EBOLA VIRUS EPIDEMICS / We want to use a resilience model and come up with innovations in fighting conflicts and the Ebola virus epidemics. We need to research...


  18. Mohan Prasad Sharma

    In our village there are many conflict on developmental work, farming animal, share on natural resources ex forest, water, land on that I formed groups and solve such problems.


  19. Michael Chasukwa

    Doing qualitative and quantitative evaluations


  20. Mahdav Joshi

    My work intersects research and practice in monitoring and evaluating peace agreement implementation, and how implementation success relates to governance outcome in terms of political...