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  1. Faith Nanyonjo


  2. Amamaw Endalew Ejigu

    Child protection expert, Project M & E Expert and Director


  3. Sewareg Adamu Demelash

    I have served as an M&E advisor for various national and bilateral institutions. I have also conducted numerous researches and evaluation of projects and programs that use quantitative analysis. I...


  4. Mulugeta Negeri Tulu


  5. Joel Oduor Otieno

    Monitoring and evaluation- Offer technical support to INGOs in conducting assessments and evaluations, capacity building in various methodologies (KAPB, SMART, MICS), technical support in mobile...


  6. Fitsum Hailu Embaye

    Currently as an executive director of IPD, I have been working on developing, planing and executing project ideas in the area of youth engagement, democracy, election and electoral processes, peace...


  7. Juan Fernando Tellez


  8. Adinew Tadesse Degago

    Researcher, Director, Dean of Social Science and Humanities


  9. Tamene Kitila

    education, researcher


  10. Asmelash Woldemariam Beyene

    I have more than 25 years experience in managing various development projects. My experience include designing project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I have rich experience in working...


  11. Leonardo Arriola

    My research focuses on the intersection of governance, democratization, and wellbeing. My recent work examines the impact of: campaign messages on inter-ethnic understanding; civic education on...


  12. Livia Rohrbach

    I have a PhD degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. In my PhD project, I investigate the effect of territorial self-governance regimes in multi-ethnic states for conflict...


  13. Zemelak Ayitenew Ayele

    I conduct researches on multilevel governance as a development strategy. I study this issue from institutional design perspective. Among the issues that are covered in my research include how best...


  14. Angela Cardenas


  15. Omary Thabiti

    In 2018 I conducted a research project on the trade union mobilisation and collective action. My goal was to study the state of teachers' trade union at the lower level and its implication on...


  16. Charles Enagnon Hounmenou

    Specialist of research on child welfare, child trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation of children, and human rights of detainees and immigrants. I conducted research on human rights in the...


  17. Bertha Omari Koda

    My research work has focused on gender issues including women land rights, gendered curriculum development, gender planning and budgeting, policy analysis and women economic empowerment through...


  18. Kamil Shafiq

    I'm the founder of a mapping platform (POKET) that enables researchers/NGOs/governments to deploy crowdsourcing engagements. The platform incentivizes community members to generate...


  19. Lilian Victor Mtasingwa

    As a development practitioner I do focus on key three sector including Education, Health, Agriculture and Politics to ensure for gender equality and strenghening governance.


  20. Tewodros Alemayehu Asefa