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  1. Valerie Karr

    With expertise in inclusive development, human rights, youth and disability, and a track record of effective rights-based advocacy internationally, Dr. Valerie Karr's research and advocacy focuses...


  2. Tim Weninger

    We are looking at social media manipulation including the ways by which individuals and organizations are using social media systems to corrupt the public discourse. We are also developing...


  3. Rodolfo Rubio

    Experience in formulating research on governance, local development plans and programmes, peace education, mediation and state decentralization.


  4. Peter J. Schubert

    Systems engineering and multi-disciplinary research


  5. Peter Ignatius Gichure

    Peace education. Works with Catholic Justice anf peace Commission


  6. Paul Rex Danquah

    Impact evaluation USAID WA Wash in three african countries (Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso) in 2015


  7. Munyanga Mukungo Sylvain

    DRC NORTH KIVU PROVINCE CONFLICTS AND EBOLA VIRUS EPIDEMICS / We want to use a resilience model and come up with innovations in fighting conflicts and the Ebola virus epidemics. We need to research...


  8. Mohan Prasad Sharma

    In our village there are many conflict on developmental work, farming animal, share on natural resources ex forest, water, land on that I formed groups and solve such problems.


  9. Michael Chasukwa

    Doing qualitative and quantitative evaluations


  10. Mahdav Joshi

    My work intersects research and practice in monitoring and evaluating peace agreement implementation, and how implementation success relates to governance outcome in terms of political...


  11. Melchior Nsavyimana


  12. Lea Shaver

    An internationally recognized expert on the intersection of intellectual property and human rights law, Professor Shaver's scholarship informs the concept of "the right to science and culture"...


  13. Krishna Prasad Thapaliya


  14. Jonas Paul Ecke

    In conjunction with faculty and staff, Dr. Ecke designs an interactive service learning (Global Design Teams) course that involves senior students in a poverty alleviation project on the community...


  15. Jaimie Bleck


  16. John Baptist Imokola


  17. Elias Omondi Opongo

    I am conflict analyst, peace researcher and peace practitioner. I have conducted research on extractive industries and implications on communities; religious extremism and violence; proliferation...


  18. Deeqa Ahmed Mohamed


  19. David Cortright Cortright

    Director of Peace Accords Matrix project in Colombia, research on CVE, governance book


  20. Catherine Bolten

    I am an expert on post-war development in Sierra Leone, translatable to other locations in Africa. As a development anthropologist, my expertise cuts across all aspects of development programming...