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  1. John Kebaso Omurwa

    As I researcher and academician I have been involved in carrying out research including writing of research proposals, data collection. data analysis and report writing. I have been able to analyse...


  2. Jairo Alexander Lozano-Moreno

    Logistic and SCM assessment of waste-to-energy systems under sustainable development indicators. Sustainable bioenrgy production from agricultual residues


  3. John Paul Grieco

    Work with policy makers to advance new tools for vector control. Run large scale RCTs with extensive M&E evaluations. Have taught GIS and used it extensively in my research of vector borne diseases


  4. Jonas Paul Ecke

    In conjunction with faculty and staff, Dr. Ecke designs an interactive service learning (Global Design Teams) course that involves senior students in a poverty alleviation project on the community...


  5. Jane Nambiri Ouma


  6. Ilaria Schnyder Von Wartensee

    I have done qualitative research projects with participant observation, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews in areas of entrepreneurship, agriculture, migration, etc.


  7. Gurnimrat Kaur Sidhu

    Problem-solving process design, general technical expertise, systems-research-based strategy and policy


  8. Daniel C Tirone


  9. David Cortright Cortright

    Director of Peace Accords Matrix project in Colombia, research on CVE, governance book


  10. Dorothy Akinyi Amwata

    Mpnitoring and evaluation: I have had an opportunity to be a lead espert in the development of indicators for climate monitoring supported by UK Aid, ADA Consortium. On Development strategy and...


  11. Diogo Bolster

    I do a lot of mathematical modeling of complex natural systems closely related to hydrology


  12. Anne Traynor

    I conduct research in educational assessment/measurement, and collaborate on quantitative policy or program evaluation studies.


  13. Alba Torrents

    Environmental impact assessment


  14. Anh N Tran


  15. Stephanie Dickinson

    My work is as a statistical consultant (and managing a team of consultants) where we support health, medicine, and environmental projects through study design, data management, data analysis.


  16. Teshome Alemneh

    Currently the Associate Vice President for International Research and development; and Director of the Office of International Development at Indiana University, Dr. Teshome Yizengaw Alemneh leads...


  17. Michael Hendryx

    I have quantitative data analysis studies on many public health and policy topics. One recent example is a policy analysis of the effects of the US Clean Air Act on population mortality rates.


  18. Molly Rosenberg

    I evaluate anti-poverty programs for health outcomes in low and middle income settings. I am an epidemiologist by training so bring expertise in study design and statistical methodology.


  19. Eleonora Davalos

    I am a social policy analyst focusing on finding alternative ways to control illicit crops.


  20. Fernando De Souza Bastos

    I am from the area of exact sciences, I work with Probability and Statistics