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  1. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim

    I work on the intersection of religion, identity, deradicalization, gender, counter-extremism.


  2. Whitney Grespin

    I have worked in security sector reform and security force assistance as a Ministerial Advisor in Somalia.


  3. Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik

    I work on improving DM&E capacity in peacebuilding in conflict-affected settings. My 12-years experience cross-cuts economic development, humanitarian, and peacebuilding. I have directed DM&E...


  4. Meaghan McDonald


  5. Michael Rubin


  6. Gary R. Burniske

    I conduct multidisciplinary research in a wide range of topics related to food security in USAID countries globally. I have considerable experience designing, managing and implementing programs in...


  7. Robert Groelsema

    I am a member of CRS' Strategic Change Platform that integrates social cohesion and social justice with other sectors including health, emergency shelter, landscapes and livelihoods, and youth. I...


  8. Azo dye adsorption on anthracite: A view of thermodynamics, kinetics and cosmotropic effects

    Collections | 17 Jul 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  9. Pamina Maria Firchow

    I run a research project and 501C3 NGO that works with communities to produce participatory statistics or statistics that are produced by involving the individuals in the processes necessary to...


  10. Jon Gould

    Monitoring police compliance with reforms; statistical analysis of human rights hot spots


  11. Edward Maguire

    I am a criminologist who specializes in the study of policing and violence. Much of that work has taken place in developing nations. Recent projects have focused on police reform, gang and gun...


  12. Peter Dixon

    Research on local experiences of peace, justice, reconciliation, violence using mixed-mthods approaches that privilege participation from affected populations.


  13. Jacob N. Shapiro

    I am the managing director of the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project (ESOC). ESOC identifies and compiles a wide range of micro-level data to empower scholarship and to help address pressing...


  14. Kristen Decaires Gall

    Collect, sanitize, aggregate, and modify data to facilitate research on political violence and related questions. Maintain a repository of quality micro-level data across multiple conflicts and...


  15. I William Zartman

    book and articles on conflict prevention; work on negotiation and mediation, including ripemness theory; state-buuilding and institutionalization; negotiating wirth terrorists;


  16. Charles Katz

    Violence prevention, gangs, strategic responses to violence, violence prevention, family interventions, evaluation


  17. Renard Sexton

    Randomized controlled trials, natural experiments, big data in conflict settings, e.g. Afghanistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, South China Sea.


  18. Sabrina Monuza Karim

    Conducting needs assessment, barrier assessments, policy evaluation, indicators, etc.


  19. Dylan O'Driscoll

    Dylan O’Driscoll is a Senior Researcher and Director of SIPRI’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Programme. Dylan’s work focuses on the drivers of conflict and pathways to peace in the MENA...


  20. Christopher Hook

    Promundo is the co-creator of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), the most substantial survey of men and women's attitudes about gender equality and accompanying behaviors....