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  1. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Social Emotional Learning for adults and children


  2. Veeresh Gurushiddappa Balikai


  3. Verifying the Long-Run Behavior of Probabilistic System Models in the Presence of Uncertainty

    Collections | 07 Feb 2020 | Posted by Kyle Steven Habig


  4. Viola Nilah Nyakato

    I hold a PhD in Development Studies, Master of Public Health and currently I am engaged in development research that delives into policy analysis and inclusion in the areas of adoelscent health,...


  5. Viola W Lindsey

    Phd dissertation was full qualitative analysis; teach program planning and evaluation; teach Capstone projects that involve Program assessment, planning and Development; As Program Specialist...


  6. Vitalis Akora

    M&E technical assistance and capacity building for RECs including COMESA, IGAD and EAC, through the USAID Intergovernmental Organizations Systems Strengthening Activity in the Eastern Africa...


  7. Walter Odongo

    Consumer behaviour, entrepreneurship, community engagement and value chain development


  8. Wang, Pei-Hsun, Jose A. Jaramillo-Villegas, Yi Xuan, Xiaoxiao Xue, Chengying Bao, Daniel E. Leaird, Minghao Qi, and Andrew M. Weiner. ""Intracavity characterization of micro-comb generation in the single-soliton regime."" Optics express 24, no. 10 (2016):

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Xiaoan Zhang


  9. Whitney Grespin

    I have worked in security sector reform and security force assistance as a Ministerial Advisor in Somalia.


  10. William H. Alfonso Piña

    The history and job performance have been oriented towards the management and research in land use, environment, public space and heritage as well as coordination and development of urban and...


  11. William Mutwiri Thari


  12. William Oswaldo Gaviria Gutierrez

    Experiencia en procesos de investigaci?n enfocados en (1) participaci?n comunitaria para la reducci?n del riesgo de desastres, (2) desplazamiento por conflictos armados y habitabilidad en zonas de...


  13. Wondimu Abeje Kassie

    I am urban development planner with PHD from France, MA and BA from University of Lyon II ( France) and advanced Diploma from College of Urban Planning (Ethiopia). I have extensive knowledge of the...


  14. Wondu Balcha Abdissa

    As M&E trainer I have been contributing from project design, implementation, assuring implementation quality, routinely monitoring the progress of project against intended baseline and milestone...


  15. Wondwesen Girma Mamo


  16. Workneh Nigatie Enideg

    My educational background is BA pedagogical sciences, MA in Educational psychology (measurement and evaluation stream), and PhD in Social Work and Social Development. I have been teaching different...


  17. Yadu Pokhrel

    My work has been interdisciplinary that cuts disciplines across climate science, water resources management, and food security. My work also utilizes remote sensing and GIS techniques along with...


  18. Yania Seidmekiy Seidali

    As Addis Ababa University community engagement office director, I am working with different Colleges in the University to create smart village. The activity will be directed by research that will...


  19. Yared Nigusie Abebe


  20. Yazidhi Bamutaze

    I have worked on aspects of natural resource management, Watershed science, Natural hazards and Water security applying geo-information techniques of remote sensing and GIS