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  1. Yetenayet Bekele Tola

    I work on postharvest loss reduction and value addition of agricultural products to contribute for food and nutrition security efforts of developing countries. My current research projects are...


  2. Ujjal Tiwari

    My academics reflect agricultural economics (PhD), climate change, and rural development as the major fields of studies. I am working as Assistant Professor (Agricultural Economics) at Agriculture...


  3. Tonny J. Oyana

    I have over 24 years of proven professional experience, leadership, and training grounded in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. My areas of research expertise primarily lie in...


  4. Taye Tolemariam Ejeta

    I am profesional in the area of animal nutrition and dairy production (generally animal production)


  5. Tadele Tolosa Fulasa

    food safety and quality


  6. Charles Nsubuga

    Innovated the Soymilk Solution to manage the bean smell and balance the milk for easy consuption. Innovated the first Soy Icecream in Uganda and probably in the whole of East Africa. Developed a...


  7. Dennis Alan Savaiano

    My goal is to build and assess community engaged research partnerships. I have also published on food policy and studied lactose digestion for the past four decades.


  8. Rishi Ram Kattel

    Value chain and supply chain diagnostic on high value commodities and crop seeds, participatory market system development (PMSD) and is familiar with a range of research and analysis methods,...


  9. Roman Stephan Ponos

    Built and managed the international division of a research, data analytics and evaluation firm. Built and mentored a multidisciplinary, cross-functional team of researchers, analysts and project...


  10. Peter J. Schubert

    Systems engineering and multi-disciplinary research


  11. Gordana Kranjac-berisavljevic

    I am working in environment with limited resources and low level of education. poor sanitation and scarcity of water are the norm. We build capacity of poorly resourced especially rural women is...


  12. Nigus Gabbiye Habtu

    '- Post-harvest Technology( Drying research, Storage structure, Mycotoxin etc...)


  13. Kalkidan Hassen Abate

    Disparity, equity, unmet needs, autonomy, gender and related human intrinsic attributes has been the core variables in my research career since 2010. Then after, I studied the influence of such...


  14. Naba Raj Devkota

    I have been working basically in the areas of sustainable natural resource management in terms of improving feeds and feeding management for ruminants animals. To this my works are related to...


  15. Nicholas Mugabi

    Microfinance and finance inclusion, ICT4D, agriculture extension and monitoring and Evaluation of development pograms


  16. Mohammad Shahjahan Mondal

    I have worked in Hydrology and Climate Change, Hydro-dynamic Modeling using HEC-RAS & Delft 3D, Agricultural Water Management, Risk-based Water Resources Planning, Water Governance, Water Security,...


  17. Mark A. Russell

    community needs assessment, non-formal education interventions, and assessing learning outcomes


  18. Mohan Prasad Sharma

    In our village there are many conflict on developmental work, farming animal, share on natural resources ex forest, water, land on that I formed groups and solve such problems.


  19. Michael Chasukwa

    Doing qualitative and quantitative evaluations


  20. Mangani Chilala Katundu

    I am currently working as Dean of Research and an Associate Professor of Food and Nutrition Security at Chancellor College, University of Malawi with a PhD in Food Security. I have worked with...