Institutional Course Redesign

By Marne George Helgesen1, Frank J Dooley1, Tomalee Doan, Donalee H Attardo1

1. Purdue University

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Transforming Education from Innovation to Implementation Conference: Session D2

This presentation addresses policy, implementation, design, sustainability, research and institutional cultural change for a unique and compelling course transformation program. This program bases its transformation on philosophies expressed early on by Barr and Tagg, (1995). More specifically, this presentation describes and reviews the first year of a campuswide course redesign program, Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT), emanating from the Office of the Provost and focusing mainly on large-enrollment, foundational courses. The institution is a large, Ph.D. granting research university in the Midwest. The rationale for the program is that more students can be more positively impacted in foundation courses when those courses engage in a redesign process that is strategic (researched-based and institutionally supported). In short, the institution is undergoing a change in paradigms, i.e., from teaching to that of learning.