Experiences with an Eye Tracker in Visualization Studies

By Ji Soo Yi

Purdue University



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Invited talk which took place at the DLRC Showcase & Symposium held on Feb. 18, 2014. Talk slides are available under the supporting documents tab.

In this short talk, Dr. Yi shares his research experiences with an eye tracker, Tobii X60, since 2009. He has used this eye tracker for evaluation studies with various visualization techniques. Though eye-tracking literature already reminds us that an eye tracker is not a magic wand, he re-learned these limitations of an eye-tracker via hands-on experiences. Through this procedure, he came up with an approach to effectively check whether the eye-mind hypothesis is violated (Kim et al., 2013). He also accumulated general guidelines to determine whether an eye-tracker is useful or not, which could be useful for other researchers at Purdue University.


Ji Soo Yi, Assistant Professor
School of Industrial Engineering
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

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Discovery Learning Research Center

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