Choose Different Types of Parquet Flooring for Homes and Offices


Parquet flooring is one of the most popular flooring types found in homes, offices, hotels, and other public places around the world today. Parquet floors are made up of different woodblocks, which are put together to create a particular pattern that looks attractive. It was first introduced in the 19th century and is still one of the most used flooring types today. Parquet flooring can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes, and there are various benefits of the parquet flooring in the home.


Different types, colors, grains, and finishes of Parquet Flooring


Parquet flooring Dubai comes in different colors, grains, finishes, and types. The most common type is made from hardwood and is generally milled on the factory floor to ensure the best quality. Another option available is laminate flooring, which is made from synthetic materials such as vinyl, rubber, and plastics. In addition, you can also find ceramic flooring, which is made from ceramic tiles made of recycled plastic and glass chips. All types of parquet flooring used in Dubai have the same quality and are made to last for a long time.

Parquet flooring Dubai is made from different types of wood, including mahogany, rosewood, cherry, walnut, maple, and bamboo among others. These different types of wood give the flooring its distinctive look, and its durability makes it ideal for daily use. Apart from being beautiful, parquet flooring is also durable and strong. This is why it is ideal for use in homes and office spaces.

Important Factors you must take into consideration when looking for parquet flooring


If you are looking for parquet flooring Dubai, there are several factors you must take into consideration before you finalize your decision. First of all, you must consider the design of the home or office space. Different types of flooring are suitable for different rooms. It is important that you have an idea about the color scheme of the room, the space in which the flooring will be installed and the general theme of the room. If you plan on remodeling the whole house, you must check if the existing flooring can still fit in with the new designs.

For example, real wood flooring is a bit too formal for contemporary living rooms. On the other hand, laminate parquet flooring Dubai is quite elegant. Laminate is much easier to maintain and can be used as a starter floor for new floors. You can also find genuine wood parquets in Dubai too, but these come at a higher price. In short, the laminate is cheaper and more suitable for those starting out with a limited budget.


Material is the Important factor that is used for the parquet flooring


Another factor to consider is the actual material used for the parquet flooring. There are several options available: wood, tile, and rubber flooring. All of these are great solutions for homes or offices, but they do differ when it comes to the maintenance and the life of the floors. All of these are attractive solutions, but the real question is which one is better for your home? Well, this all depends on your preferences and requirements!

Wood is undoubtedly the most popular choice amongst homeowners and business owners. However, it comes at a high cost and is difficult to maintain. Tile and rubber floors are less expensive and are highly durable. They are ideal for parquet, but if you plan on remodeling or building a big house, you should think about using Dubai Parquet Flooring, as they are not very practical in small spaces.



In general, the best flooring solution for your home is to go with something that suits your lifestyle and needs. Take into consideration your budget and your overall decor, before you make a decision. If you want something stylish and modern, then you should check out the huge range of Parquets Dubai. But if you like the look of wooden floors, then you have several types of wooden parquet flooring Dubai to choose from. All in all, these types of floors offer high quality at an affordable price, so no matter what your budget may be, you will be able to find something that suits your needs!

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