How Martech Stack Can Increase Business Productivity

Marketing technology sometimes referred to as “martech”, includes various digital technologies like email, customer relationship management platforms, and content delivery networks. When you combine a number of these services for use in a campaign, the collection is referred to as a stack. As such, marketing technology when used collectively is known as a martech stack.

You probably already use a martech stack or even multiple different martech stacks without even realizing it. Using email newsletters alongside digital surveys and a content management system for posting blogs for search engine optimization (SEO) is an example of marketing technology stacks being combined in a campaign.

Another example of marketing technology stacks would be where you use analytics tools to review customer activity on social media and your company’s online store. This data is then compared against engagement and interaction data taken from A/B testing of a website created for a new feature you plan to roll out.

Essentially, all of your martech combined in different configurations counts as a stack or stacks. The results that your company gathers from this data can be very valuable and may even increase productivity. If you are looking for the example of marketing technology stacks, visit this website.

Digital Asset Management

One of the key ways in which martech stacks improve productivity is through digital asset management. Managing digital assets has become an important part of getting the right content to the right people at the right time.

These days, a lot of the heavy lifting involved in digital asset management can be automated, allowing content to be pushed at different times on a set schedule or when an event triggers deployment. This technology frees up time and marketing resources to allow your marketing team to focus on other important matters.

Optimized for Productivity

Optimization of martech stacks also improves productivity. When you have optimized a stack to execute actions in a streamlined fashion, your marketing team can focus its efforts on the next stage of a customer’s journey instead of messing around with the technical details of walking the customer through the stack. Streamlining can take some time to perfect, but once you’ve done it, you’ll likely be amazed at how much time your company can save.

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