League Of Legends: All That You Need To Know

The LOL game has become of the biggest titles in the video game niche. The game was developer some time back and was released in 2009 by Riot Games, a Californian studio. It is about a decade since the game came into the market, and it has never looked any stronger.

The league of legends continues to grow every other year and keeps on attracting new players.One of the most asked questions is whether the game features league of legends female characters. Sure, it does. Well, the game has some kind of a learning curve, but it should be the easiest pick as compared to other MOBA titles.

The league of legends has stood the test of time. If you have been in the gaming industry for some time, you will agree with me that it is not easy to stay relevant for five years, leave alone a decade. The gaming industry is so competitive, with new games and new tech sprouting every month.

The game boasts of a community of millions of players from different backgrounds across the world. As far as player counts are concerned, Riot has released various statistics. So, how many players playing on the summoner’s Rift?

LOL All-Time Player Count

Riot first shared player statics when the league of legends was two years old. This first report showed that the game had about 5 million users (registers). At this time, the count peak used to be 3 million players, and those numbers kept on increasing as Riot built more and more servers in different locations across the globe. Curious to know more about LOL? Visit leaguefeed.net for detailed information.

In 2014, the LOL game had about sixty-seven million players every month, and the peak was at 8 million at the time.However, in 2017, the game lost a bigger part of its fan base – LOL experienced a massive decline in popularity. In the following years, the game registered about 75 to 80 million players every month.

Riot, in 2019, announced that the game had surpassed the 80 million peak mark. To date, the game continues to attract a large number of players in such a way that some of the Riot’s servers are at risk of crashing. The developer announced specific issues with some of their servers due to a huge number of players this year.

For instance, one of the largest Riot’s servers, the EUW, has stopped at some point due to the influx. The league of legends games has grown steadily despite some of the brief variance periods. The company intends to penetrate more markets by introducing Wild Rift, a mobile game version. This version is a lighter take of the LOL game with shorter games and will serve to increase the title’s reach even further.

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