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No business today can do much of anything without a computerized system to manage their day-to-day processes. Whatever a company produces, whether goods or services, it still has to perform various administrative operations with a great deal of information, and the best way to handle all that information is to use software.

The how and why of which programs to use is entirely up to the company, but it's important for them to implement a system that performs the necessary tasks at peak efficiency.

That is perhaps the biggest difference between today's computerized business and that of 20 years ago. Back then, much of the work was done in programs that had to be maneuvered and worked around in order to do what the user needed. Now there are software products for almost any business function imaginable, and given the wide array of functions they need to meet, it's a good thing. Just consider this small sample of what tasks today's businesses can delegate to their software:

Inventory Management

Tracking the nonstop flow of products into and out of a warehouse -- and especially multiple warehouses in multiple cities -- is an overwhelming prospect. Software is essential to receiving and sending data about what's going on so that shipping and ordering can be completed accurately.

For the uninitiated, a quick primer on inventory management systems would be in order. Suffice it to say, such a system not only lets you know where items are and how many are in stock,but it also helps cut down on wasted space. It can do this by tracking the exact amount of product that's on hand at any given time -- or, conversely, it can keep you abreast of when there will be a need for additional space, giving you time to make plans to free up space before a fresh shipment arrives.

Fleet Management

Speaking of shipments, any company or agency with several shipment vehicles is well-served to computerize the maintenance records of those vehicles. Oil changes, repairs made, inspections completed and countless other wrench-and-screwdriver tasks can be tracked.

But it's not just what happens in the shop that can be managed. So can the locations of the vehicles themselves, greatly simplifying the process of handling emerging shipments or pickups. If necessary, the system can even include the tracking of driver actions such as speed and location. This could help identify problem drivers that may be costing the company money and creating liability. It can also be a way to create incentives for safe, efficient drivers. With an electronically-managed fleet, a company can save a lot of money.

Payroll Management

Of course, those good drivers, like all your employees, will be getting a regular paycheck. The process of logging their earnings, calculating deductions, and getting the resultant sum to the correct person in a timely fashion is complicated, and it's a task that can be greatly simplified with software.

Better yet, the payroll functions go beyond that. There are all kinds of benefits options that employees can work with, and the ability to access things like their retirement accounts and benefits choices is a big advantage over companies without electronic payroll management.

Personnel Management

Before they get the paycheck, though, these employees have to get the job. Online hiring is growing in popularity as thousands of employers solicit and process electronic applications -- more often than not exclusively electronic -- to save time and effort.

This is beneficial in several ways. First, online forms can prevent submission if the applicant hasn't provided all the necessary information. That can save HR countless hours in throwing out incomplete applications. It also lets applicants upload digital resumes and cover letters, reducing the paper used in the office.

No matter how low-tech the business, its office is more than likely heavily automated, with a variety of software platforms operating the inner functions of the company. The opportunities this creates for them to improve profitability, increase safety, reduce errors, and eliminate excessive paper use are almost limitless, especially as the capabilities of software increases rapidly.


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