ELRC March 2023 News Update

New Team Members

ELRC is very excited to announce two new Research Associates starting in March—Damilola Seyi-Oderinde, PhD and Lukas Ingersoll, PhD  

New Proposal Submission
ELRC partnered with Clemson University on the submission of an NSF S-STEM project entitled, “S-STEM: Community, Equity, and Sustainability Research (CESR) graduate scholars: Promoting the success and retention of low-income students into advanced STEM programs.”


Head shot of Lindley McDavidLindley McDavid will travel to DC to present our Vetahumanz work at the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)

Title: League of VetaHumanz SuperPower Packs: Leveraging the “Batman Effect” and social cognitive career theory to diversify the veterinary profession and increase health advocacy.






Highlighted Project 

Vet Up! The National HCOP Academy for Veterinary Medicine 
This project will: 1) address the national shortage of veterinarians in public health and rural/food animal practice and 2) the underrepresentation of individuals entering the veterinary profession. The project includes high school students, undergraduates, and DVM students.  ELRC is a core partner on this project doing the evaluation, data management and is an educational consultant.

Staff Spotlight 

Loran ParkerHead shot of Loran Parker
Associate Director, Principal Evaluation & Research Scholar
Loran has over 15 years of experience in education research and evaluation and has worked with projects funded by a wide array of public and private organizations, including NSF, NIH, CDC, U.S. DOE, USDA, USAID, DHHS, Lily Endowment, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Kresge Foundation, and Lumina Foundation. Loran’s interests are using participatory evaluation approaches to learn about how to build, develop and sustain learning communities working toward social justice. At ELRC, she does this by identifying partners who aim to advance social justice and equity, facilitating the framing of the work in learning theory, identifying ways in which progress might be monitored, evaluated, and interpreted, and developing processes through which stakeholders at all levels and circumstances can be included in the work.

Loran enjoys the outdoors and any athletic activity—running, cycling, hiking, climbing, and kayaking. She bleeds old gold and black—she has three degrees from Purdue. She lives just west of campus with her husband, two children and small zoo of pets.

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