ELRC Representation at Evaluation 2022 Conference

Picture of Christiana Akande at AEASeveral ELRC staff members traveled to New Orleans to present at the American Evaluation Association conference in New Orleans, November 7-12.  You can find copies of all presentations and posters in our collections here.

Ignite Sessions:

(Re)shaping Evaluation Reports: An Evaluation Report Templating Process-Ann Bessenbacher & Kyle Habig  

Readiness, Willingness & Ability Assessment: Creating Opportunities to Foster Multi-Stakeholder Institutional Change-Lindley McDavid, Loran Parker, Alex France, Ann Bessenbacher, Wilella Burgess


Using evaluations for deeper understanding of marginalization dynamics: the case of Somalia-Wilella Burgess will serve as a panelist/presenter

Birds of a Feather:

(Re) shaping Evaluation Across Borders -- Fostering Evaluator-Implementer-Funder Partnership-: Christiana A. Akande, Wilella Burgess, Weiling Li, Lisa Kirkham, Ann Bessenbacher


Educational Equity in Somalia-(Re)shaping Evaluation to Inform Policy- Christiana A. Akande, Wilella Burgess, Weiling Li, Lisa Kirkham, Ann Bessenbacher

(Re) shaping Evaluation Reports: Building a Report Template in R Markdown-Ann Bessenbacher, Kyle Habig

Using Outcome Mapping Tools to Structure Reflection and Learning Opportunities in a Large, Multi-National Development Project- Loran Carleton Parker, Wilella D. Burgess, Javier Arturo Ñaupari Vasquez

IMPACT-ful Evaluation: Reporting Templating Using R Markdown-Alex France, Loran Carleton Parker, Kyle Habig, Ann Bessenbacher



          Picture of Willie Burgess and other panelists at AEA   Picture of Wilella Burgess presenting at AEA panelPicture of Lindley McDavid presenting at AEA Ignite SessionPicture of Ann Bessenbacher presenting at AEA Ignite sessionPicture of Loran Parker at AEAPicture of Alex France and Kyle Habig at AEA

                 Picture-ELRC Staff DinnerPicture of Loran Parker at AEA

      Picture of Ann Bessenbacher at AEAPicture of Alex France and Kyle Habig at AEA




     Picture of Christiana Akande at AEA poster presentation            Picture of Kyle Habig and Alex France at AEA poster presentation 



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